Bag BigFoot Review

25 Feb

I happen to have this PlayScreen game. It is pretty fun so I think I ought to share this review with the people out there. Good things are meant for sharing, isn’t it?

The story of this game is to trap or bag the bigfoot creature created by Playscreen. When you do trap bigfoot with the pillars, he will let out a cry and when you let him out of the maze, he will laugh at your inability to trap him. Quite amusing though.

There are only sound options in this game: either to turn off or turn on. This game does not need accelerometer so it has no accelerometer options to adjust.

It has also allow 3 saved slots for game saving. Quite sufficient I will say.

Okay, here are some images from the game play itself. You guys can’t wait can you?


Well, the Big Foot does get cleverer as the game progresses. So here are my pathetic game scores.

Do remember to save your game progress or you need to start all over again.

If you guys need to buy this cute little game, head on to iTunes at this web address. It is only $0.99, lesser than the price of star bucks coffee. I am sure you will have fun as much as I do.

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