Udder Chaos Game Review

5 Mar

I got this game quite long time ago. My idevice was using 2.1 firmware. Recently, I upgraded to 2.2 and able to finally play this game. This game requires at least 2.2 firmware.

Currently, you need to restart your idevice if this game crashes after installing. The developers say they will include a bug fix in the next update. For my idevice, this game needs a few retries before I can play it.


What I like about this game:

1. The graphics are very retro and funny. There are many types of aliens hunting down the cows. There is a cow alien and the normal green alien in a spaceship.

2. This game need finger touches quite frequent. It is good if you have much free time on your hand.

3. The nice alien music. The cross hair shooting control is able to lock in to the targets.


What I don’t like about this game:

1. The missile or bomb is limited. You have only one so use it wisely. They should implement drag-and-drop bombs.

2. The aliens are flocking your screen and sometimes the touch crosshair to shoot them is off limits and they end up taking away your precious cows. They ought to have a crosshair that moves and shoot on its own if you tilt it. Tapping too much on the screen makes my fingers tired.

3. The top left screen ought to show how many cows I have left and how many aliens I have killed out of the ones available. The streaks and multiplers are not meaningful to me in the game.


For $0.99, you can consider to get this game after the crash bug has been fixed. I hope so because it crashes on me for a few times before I get it to work.

The App Store Link here.


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