Hospital Havoc Game review

7 Mar


Hospital Havoc is a game which allows the player to take the role of doctor by admitting, diagnosing, and treating some of the most whacky patients ever encountered. With a challenging campaign, including three levels of difficulty to choose from, 20 career levels, 17 possible illnesses, three-to-six bed conditions, eight addicting scenarios, continuous play, and rousing replay ability.


There are 3 ways to play this time management game – career play, continuous play and scenarios. I will briefly run through each different player mode. Career play is actually a tutorial mode where you can learn how to be a doctor in terms of cleanliness and using the computer to prescribe medicine for your patients. You can only prescribe medicine on the patient if the patient has a plus medical record on his bed.

Continuous play game mode lets you play the game continuously till you get sick and awarded to the hospital. I have tried scenario game mode and I am faced with lots of patients who suffer from sunburn. They caught up in flames if not treated quickly. What I like about this game is that it shows the state of the patient in terms of colors. For instance, a dead patient will be light pink and eyes closed and very serious sunburn patients will be actually black in color. The patients will interact with you as the doctor saying “I am in pain”, “Can I go home now?”, “I feel sick” etc. This makes the game on a whole new level rather than rushing for time and does things like other time management games. I personally like the way the “Can I go home now?” sound in the game.


The game lets the player calculate, strategize, and manage the hospital and expose their doctor to patients to gain notoriety and achieve the coveted position of Surgeon General. As the doctor, you are able to use different types of machines in the hospital to sustain the patients’ lives while you treat the other patients.

Players can also personalize their doctor and nurse as well as utilize various power-ups and medical machines to help send their patients home.  Beautiful graphics, an upbeat soundtrack, and fast-paced game-play complete the player’s experience.


There are only two things which I do not like about this game. The way the nurse cleans the bed is too slow. The game should have more than 1 nurse to take care and clean the patients’ beds. The beds are limited in a sense that you need to clean the bed before the new patient can sleep on it. The other thing is toggling the controls is only available in the continuous play game mode.



I have tremendously enjoyed this hospital game and I will recommend it to those who play supermarket mania, diner dash and wedding dash type of games. This game is currently priced at $4.99 if you wish to purchase it. Click here to get the game on iTunes.


3 Responses to “Hospital Havoc Game review”

  1. Dexter April 10, 2009 at 2:47 pm #

    Being a game designer and competitor, I must admit that I LOVE THIS GAME! It’s different from other TM games-no mindless queuing so no, the game doesn’t play itself, which I love. The scenarios are also excellent-you need to apply different strategies to beat them -one issue though-many have complained about crashing on the iTunes site -I do know that it’s the game engine used that causes this (out of the dev’s control until Garage Games updates their own software)-but the crashing doesn’t affect everyone-try the free first if you are worried. Also, a lot of nurses have complained-they need to get a life-it’s A GAME

  2. Peter June 16, 2009 at 6:02 am #

    This game is amazing! I found it in the iTunes store after seeing so many good reviews, gladly paid my $4.99 and have found it to be hours and hours of awesome fun.

    It’s the best game on my iphone, I don’t play anything else. The developer is a genius; anybody talking about it crashing their phone doesn’t know what they’re talking about, and anyway it’s not his fault its the stupid Garage Games engine.

    Anyway buy it, it’s the best iphone game I’ve ever seen.

  3. Big June 20, 2009 at 2:00 pm #

    Best site I liked a lot but love the game more. The game will be fun learning to size.

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