Heavy Mach Review

8 Mar

Ever wished that you have a metal slug arcade game on your iphone or ipod touch? Now you can!


The game Heavy Mach is a shooter platform game where you control a tank that goes around shooting your enemies down. The controls are very easy to handle. To make the tank jump , just flip up the jump switch at the bottom left corner of the screen. There is a handle to simulate the jump.To upgrade the MACH jump, you need a parts upgrade. You can also dash your tank through the enemies when you tap the MACH’s left or right side.

To shoot the enemies, just choose from the weapon menu and select the weapon you want and adjust the angle which you want to shoot the enemy, then just tap at the enemy.


From iTunes:

– 21 phases of part upgrades are available for player.

– 6 missions and 30 stages are ready to be played.

– Various weapons including machine gun, shotgun, howitzer (high-angle gun), missile, laser, nuclear bomb and etc.

– About 800 types of enemy MACH including tank armoured car, missle truck, helicopter, supersize boss, howitzer and etc.

– Various original illustrations created by illustrator in the  highest form.

The game is quite enjoyable. I like the sounds effects of the shooting when encountering the enemies.There is always a “blood” health meter above your enemies. Try to look for diminishing meters when you continue shooting. The bridge gaps are too small but do be aware of them as sometimes you will fall off the bridge and you have to restart the level again. When you kill big bosses, empty crates of weapons or health fall out from them. That is the time to do your refills!

The only complaints I have is there is no collision detection. The MACH just go through the enemies like they are in the background picture. But perhaps the tank will die easily where there is collision detection and your are running out of bullets or weapons to shoot. You also cannot go back to your enemy as in turning around to shoot the enemy or you cannot fire behind your tank.



In the game itself, you can sometimes jump to avoid the enemies but play caution to the direction of the enemies fire. Sometimes you jump at the direction of the enemies’ fire, you get killed easily. For a cheap price of $0.99, you get to enjoy a mini platform shooting game for a few hours. It is certain worth buying.

Get it here on iTunes before the price goes up again!


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