Instaviz – Graph Sketching App

8 Mar

There are not many useful apps in the AppStore for Productivity. However, one graph sketching application caught my eye. It is called Instaviz.


What I like about this app:

1. It is able to draw shapes quickly and connect them to form a graph. You can draw a flow chart easily as a part of your University’s assignments or mindmaps to organise your thoughts.

instaviz_22. You can scroll the diagram by dragging with two fingers. You can easily delete shapes by tapping the shapes to highlight them first and then shake your idevice to delete it. The zooming in and out is done by pinching with two fingers.


3. To change a shape, you just need to draw another shape over it to overwrite it. To edit anything on the graph, simply double tap the object to edit.

4. You can edit and change the colors of the shapes in the graph and adjust the thickness of the lines and borders.

5. You are able to synchronize the graphs you have done in Instaviz with a desktop application called Instavue available here. This desktop app is available for Macs only. This option of exporting I will use most often because I work with my laptop and iphone most of the time. There is a tutorial up here on how to use this Instavue.


What I want but does not exist in the app:

1. You cannot change the size of the object once drawn.

2. There should be some small clips of video tutorial to teach the basics of drawing. I myself is a computer science graduate so I have no problems handling the basics. Maybe for other computer novices, they have problems doodling on the basic how-tos. Some help is available on the app itself in the form of graphs though. The same help is available here on the web site.

3. When you are alone with your iphone without your laptop, you have to setup a webav sharing folder on your iphone or ipod touch when you want to export. The hostname of the WebDAV i should be the IP address of your iphone I guess. There should be instructions how to setup this webdav sharing together with the application I feel. There are other online storage options as well such as and iDisk accounts so I guess that isn’t so bad after all.


Overall, i feel it is a very useful application for the idevice once you get used to how to use the basic functions. This application is available for $9.99 at the iTunes AppStore.

Click here to purchase or check it out.


2 Responses to “Instaviz – Graph Sketching App”

  1. Glen Low March 12, 2009 at 8:08 am #

    Thanks for reviewing Instaviz. We are working on including more help in future versions of Instaviz, meanwhile the (Help) and (More Help) graphs should assist with a basic understanding of how to navigate and create graphs.

    One minor nit: the WebDAV host name field is for a remote server, Instaviz does not actually run a WebDAV server itself. You can’t get a workable, client-visible IP address for the iPhone in some scenarios e.g. cell usage w/o wireless, and so running a WebDAV *server* would be unreliable for users. But the iPhone makes a good WebDAV *client* and this is what this is.


  2. iphonetech78 March 12, 2009 at 1:40 pm #

    I found a hyperlink that lets users configure a webdav server using Apache which is included in Mac Os X, which I suppose solves the mystery how to configure the webDAV export section in Instaviz.

    Basically, you just share out a folder on your computer using webDAV and your iphone is able to export the graphs to your mac laptop or desktop shared folder.

    Here is the link for anyone who is interested:

    Yeah, I do agree iphone make a good webdav client.

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