Chirp! App Review

9 Mar


A bird nest? What does this app has to do with birds?

Chirp is an easy guide to bird songs. It features the most common birds from
backyards, gardens, parks and forest in the north-west Europe.


You can tap each individual bird to listen to the song. To know more about the bird’s song, simply tap the bird photo. It will tell you details about the bird’s chirping behavior.


What I like about this app is that it is able to arrange the birds in alphabetical order and in the order of how common they are to the rarest kind.

I had great fun with this app. I played a prank with my mum and she was wondering where the birds’ songs came from.

There is even a quiz to guess which bird the songs belong to! There are 3 levels to the quiz. Level 1 has 7 birds to listen to. Level 2 has 15 birds and level 3 has 25 birds to let you play the guessing game.


There is nothing I can complain about this app as it is simply wonderful. The developer promises to add at least 1 bird each week during spring  for the update. That will mean my ears can enjoy more bird chirping songs!

What I wish for is a bird alarm which I can wake up to wonderful birds’ songs in the morning.

This app is available in iTunes here for $2.99.


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