Megatouch Lucky 11’s Game Review

14 Mar

Megatouch Lucky 11’s is a casino game that has style and nice music
when you play the game.


The rules of this game is quite simple. Just tap on the numbers that sum
up to eleven to clear the chips till you reach the vault. Sounds simple?

Sometimes, it is not so straightforward. You will find that when the numbers
left behind fail to sum up to 11, you will begin to panic.


Luckily, there is a wildcard icon that can save you only one time in the game.

There is also an extra chip outside the game that can serves as your aid. You can choose and flip this extra chip until the number is suitable to sum as 11.
There is a time limit though therefore you cannot take your own sweet time to choose the chip you want.


I managed to enter the bonus round after the first round. That is my best record so far.The object of this game to to break through all 3 secure vault and claim the loot in the end of the game. Looks like I got to work extra hard to claim the loot in this game.


Overall, I find this $2.99 nice to play and enjoyable. Where else can you find a casino game that does not burn a huge hole in your pocket?

Get it on iTunes for $2.99 or just check the game out.


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