Rogue Touch Game Review

15 Mar


If you miss MUD games in unix or Diablo game on the PC, there is a similar classic dungeon adventure RPG game that is available for the ipod touch or iphone. This game is Rogue Touch.

The game lets you explore the different levels of the dungeons. You can descend into the dungeons and meet different types of monsters. Along the way, you pick up items or potions. You can also read scrolls to uncover new missions. I especially like the ambient background dungeon sounds when I am playing the game. It reminds me of diablo. You can wield different items which you choose from your inventory. You can throw items away or consume food to regain energy or health. To attack the monster with arrows, the screen will let you choose the direction to shoot your arrow.


There is a auto mapping feature. This means that there is a map below the game which shows you where the enemies (in red) and where the doors are (in brown). I find myself using this map very often in the game as I like to complete the game faster and not lost my way.


You can also save your game so that you can continue where you left from. All the monsters and items are same as the Rogue port in the 1980s excluding new items!  I met the ice monster quite a few times. The freezing attack left me motionless and I cannot attack back.



Overall, I find this game very nice. It lets me have a mini diablo-like game on my iphone. I certainly looking forward to the updates for more weapon updates and quests!

Get it on iTunes now for $2.99.


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