Megatouch Photo Hunt’s Game Review

21 Mar


I remember the first photo hunt game I tried is ESPN Cameraman, which only has sports pictures. I recently found another photo hunt game. It is done by the people at Megatouch. One thing I like about Megatouch games is that they are well-designed. The graphics are nicely done like in Megatouch’s Monkey Bash game.


This game is different from ESPN Cameraman. It features 150 photos in the game. There is a timer control in the game. Each invalid try gives the player a time penalty, giving him less time to complete the game. There are 5 differences in the game. You just have to touch the correct difference before the timer runs out on you!


Are there hints in this game? You might asked. Yes. There are only 3 hints in the game. Once you used up the 3 hints, you cannot use the hint feature in another level. To activate the hint feature, you just tap on the yellow maginifying glass icon.


I will certainly recommend this game as it is value for money and fun and challenging.

Check out the game in iTunes for $1.99.


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