Wedding Dash Game Review

4 Apr

When I played Wedding dash, I find the game has nice collection of wedding music during the game play. You can play this game in career mode or endless reception. Endless reception will make you tired for sure. For starters, I tried career mode to get a feel of the game.


The game’s story goes like this. Your friend is getting married. However, the florist quit on the last minute, the caterer has food poisoning and the reception hall is flooded and she just fired her wedding planner. She is in dire need of help. She want you to help her plan her wedding!


The game starts by leting the wedding planner – you, plan exactly what the bride and groom wanted for their wedding reception and honeymoon. You have to take note of their likes and dislikes. There will be points awarded to your account if you plan it correctly.


The guests will come marching into the wedding reception. Your job is to drag and drop them to the seats and deliver their gifts to the bride and groom. After that, you need to serve food to the guests in the wedding reception. There are 3 course dinner you need to serve in ascending order – the appetizer, the main course and the desert. After you serve the desert, the guest will clear from the table and you can assign more guests to the empty seats. If the guests wait too long for their seats, you will lose points in the game.


My impressions of this game:


1. You must pay attention to the thought bubbles of the guest.
Some of the bubble thoughts have the person whom they like to seat with
or food which they like to eat. For example, the uncle like to sit beside the auntie or the auntie is looking for love. Therefore, you have  the uncle and auntie sit beside each other. In other scenarios, some people like to be seated beside their friends. You have to be careful in the seating arrangement to gain extra points. Sometimes, both guys like to sit besides the same woman. In this scenario, you have to pay extremely careful if you want the extra bonus points.

There will be also other requests like some of the guests prefer to sit at the dove table. You have to fulfill their requests to make them happy.


You need to gain the required points to advance to the next level. When you do not have the necessary points, the game will let you restart the level or go back to the level map to try some other game modes. At least, there is something for everyone. The player will not feel sad without advancing to the next level.


2. When serving the guests, you need to pay attention to their food requests. Once you take the wrong food, you only have 1 hand left to serve them the correct food. This will slow your food serving considerably and you can’t obtain the required points in time if you are slow in serving.


3. Each of the guest have their own different personalities. They have to be treated differently from the others. For example, Diane will take her own sweet time eating while Allison has moderate patience in waiting for her turn to be seated and AL like to eat fast and likes to drink wine. Sometimes, they do have special requests at the wedding dinner and you have to satisfy their needs.


3.  There will be bridemaid fights, aunties’ crying at the wedding and the bride getting nervous at the wedding reception. Even when the cake table is wobbly, you need to fix it so as to save the wedding from turning bad.


You as the wedding planner need to handle all these events in stride. When the guests have their last desert, they will clear the table and set off to the dance floor. That is when you see them dancing. I feel this kind of reward the tired player after serving the guests. Great encouragement! It was fun watching some of the guest dancing especially one of them looks like he was doing a weird dance.


Overall, I feel this is a well-thought out game which has all the elements of planning a real wedding reception and dinner. You can experience the tough job of a wedding planner without actually working as one.

The game features 50 levels of gameplay in 5 unique venues with 10 crazy guests and 9 potential party disasters to overcome. Just play the game! I am sure you will enjoy it. It is certainly worth spending $4.99 over such a game.

Graphics: 5 /5
Sound/Music: 5/5
Fun: 5/5
Addictiveness: 5/5
Value for money: 5/5
Overall: 5 /5

Check out the game on iTunes now.


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