Johnny Crash Game Review

3 Jun


Johnny Crash is a very crazy and fun game. The game starts by letting to tilt the cannon to shoot stuntman Johnny Crash to the skies letting him crash into helicopters, UFOs, vultures and even cattle.


There are two game modes available in this game. You can play either career mode or high score mode. The career mode lets you perform stunts in two locations including Texas and New York.


The high score mode lets you pass the game around among your friends to see who can clock the highest score in making Johnny Crash land the longest distance.

I notice in this game, you need to turn on the sound to very loud so you can enjoy the loud guitar music in cowboy style. You can tilt the iPhone up and to the left to make Johnny fly higher in the air.



You can also hold and tap on the screen to make him flap his hands like a chicken before he is about to crash. If Johnny flap his hands, he is able to obtain some altitude in flying up again. The red target ball on the right hand side will be an indication of the finishing line. Once you reach after the red ball, you are safe in distance wise.

The lightning clouds in the game lets you re-energize Johnny so he can reach further enough to land. The amount of energy left in Johnny is shown by the top left hand corner’s progress bar. If you bounce into a vulture in the air, it might fly and drop you to a place further and you can save up on your energy so that you can use it later.


The game lets the player focus on the progress bar as well as the task he suppose to accomplish in the current level. You need to complete the task in order to go to the next stage. Some of these tasks are crazy and fun. For example, one of the tasks require me to steal a pair of pants off a clothes line before I land. The other task require me to hit a vulture so it can aid me to fly further.


The scrapbook in the game will record all the tasks you completed in the game.


You can also replay your past victories as a video and see how well you fare and which areas you need to improve on. I find the built-in hints irritating at first because they keep appearing when I am trying to play the game initially. After a while, they disappear without me doing anything.



This game has plenty of fun elements if you like Johnny Crash type of games. If you cannot make it to the next level, the game will ask you to try harder so you can unlock the next level. Thus, you will not feel discouraged in not passing the level’s requirements.

Graphics: 4.6 /5
Sound/Music: 4.7 /5
Fun: 4.7 /5
Addictiveness: 4.7 /5
Value for money: 5 /5
Overall: 4.7 /5

Check out Johnny Crash on iTunes for $2.99.


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