Pool Star feat. Steve Davis/ Earl Strickland Live on App Store

22 Jun

pool1 The most realistic pool simulation graphically and game play wise on mobile to date has finally arrived on the iTunes app store.

Pool Star1

Key Features:

An officially licensed title, featuring original championship pool venues such as Mosconi Cup, Las Vegas, officially licensed pool players, UK 8-ball, US 8-ball and 9 ball for pool, Accurate physics allowing greater visibility of the cue when aiming your shot combined with the most amazing trick shots seen on mobile.

Pool Star4

Key selling points:

  • Headed up by Pool and Snooker legend Steve Davis
  • Realistic in game physics
  • Fully 3D Pool table and environment
  • 3 International competition formats
  • Compete against world famous pool legends
  • Play 9-ball, 8-ball UK and US, straight pool and learn    trick shots
  • Multiple user-controlled  camera views

Pool Star2Pool Star3

iPhone Features:

  • Internet and Wi-Fi Multiplayer
  • Landscape and Portrait play modes
  • Touch screen aiming mechanics

    Pool Star5

    Key selling points:

  • Top 25 Trick Shots from the worlds’ greatest pool players
  • High action footage
  • Link through to buying Steve Davis Pool Star
  • Free  download


Check out Pool Star Feat. Earl Strickland on iTunes for $1.99.


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