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ClickGamer’s Hover Poker coming soon to App Store.

30 Jul


Have you ever wanted to play texas holdem with your friends, but don’t have a poker set around? Well now you can, with hoverpoker!

You don’t need to have an app each, just one phone is enough. The app will deal cards to each player, and you pass your phone around to each player to let them see their card and take action (call, raise, fold). To peek your card, touch both peek buttons on the screen.



Key Features:
1.   Faithful implementation of Texas No-Limit Holdem Poker!
2.   You’ll only need one iPhone/iPod touch to play with friends!
3. Anti cheat mechanism, it’ll be hard to look at cards that are not yours!
4. Supports up to 22 players!
5. A voice announcer, so people know what you did in each round!
6. You can change the blinds anytime.
7. Epic showdown mechanism complete with old west soundtrack.
8. Table is always saved! quit and resume anytime to last saved table!
9. A true portable alternative to carrying a poker set around.




They won’t be able to peek at your cards, because it makes a sound when you try to peek the card, and there’s a counter indicating how many times you have peeked the cards. Also, all players will not miss out because the app also acts as a poker dealer, announcing actions taken by players with a voice (call, raise, fold, how much $ raised etc).




You can play with up to 22 players, which is probably more than any poker game 99.99% of you ever had. All with one device!

Texas holdem rules are used in this app : no-limit holdem. Blinds can be changed each round. You can undo rounds, and exiting will save the table state, so you can interrupt your game anytime.

Hover Poker is developed by Jormy Games. I will update this post when the game is released on App Store.


Chillingo and Mountain Sheep Bring 3D Survival Shooter – Minigore to the Apple App Store

30 Jul

Cover - WIP 09


United Kingdom and Finland – July 30, 2009 Chillingo, the leading iPhone publisher and Finnish development studio Mountain Sheep have launched their 3D survival shooter game for iPhone and iPod touch – Minigore in Apple’s App Store.



Minigore is all about John Gore, a little square fellow, who finds himself surrounded by the Furries – hairy, round creatures with particularly sharp teeth. Your mission is to defend John at all cost from these creatures. The Furries come in three shapes and sizes: the small Minifurry, the Furry, and the lamentable Giant Furry. When hit, Giant Furry split into several Furries that, if destroyed, will further split into Minifurries. It’s Russian Nesting Dolls with a vengeance.



You can help Minigore combat the onslaught of enemies by unleashing his Beast from within. To unlock the beast collect four-leaf clovers that the enemies leave behind. As a beast, Minigore is literally on fire and you can go running around and eating all the previously dangerous Furries nearby. The beast mode opens up many interesting gameplay mechanics with bosses like the Wormwolf, which will headline one of the updates after launch. Minigore’s controls are very intuitive. You control John with two virtual sticks; the left stick is for moving around and the right stick controls the shooting.



“We are excited to continue building out our catalogue of high-quality games for the Apple App Store,” says Marta Miernik, Head of Marketing for Chillingo. “If you want fast-paced arcade action with beautiful graphics, rocking music, and great gameplay you’ll find Minigore diabolically enjoyable.” said Miss Miernik.



“We simply want to make games people want to play. Not only will Minigore get better and better with each update, we want the gamers to have a say in what they get! We are building a community around the game to make Minigore more than a single game—we want it to come alive and grow with the people who play it.” said Kimmo Vihola, CEO of Mountain Sheep.

You can unlock Enviro-Bear in the upcoming co-op multiplayer update in Minigore according to the developer’s blog. Let wait for this cute update in the game.

Meanwhile, Minigore is available for US$0.99 from Apple’s App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at

Check out Minigore on iTunes for $0.99.

About Chillingo
Chillingo Ltd is a publisher for innovative games and software for iPhone and iPod touch.

About Mountain Sheep
Mountain Sheep is not your ordinary game developer! We provide you with strangely fantastic experiences on portable and console platforms.

Inkvaders Teaser Videos

29 Jul

Enjoy these teaser videos about Inkvaders. I hope you are thrilled just as me waiting for the game to be released soon.

Chillingo and 6ixset studios release Touch KO On Apple App Store

29 Jul



Highly Anticipated 3D boxing game Uppercuts with the iPhone and iPod touch

United Kingdom and United States – July 29th, 2009 – iPhone publisher, Chillingo and US-based game developer 6ixset studios today announced the immediate availability of their definitive iPhone Boxing game, Touch KO on Apple App Store. Touch KO is a 3D realistic boxing game that gives gamers a chance to advance through a boxing career, starting from humble beginnings in a run-down gym, all the way to the glamorous grand arena for the title fight. The game features an impressive control scheme, intense character customization, unique multi-touch and accelerometer capabilities of the device, and a whole slew of upgrades to buy for your boxer.



Touch KO is the only boxing game on the iPhone were you can completely customize your 3D fighter. You can choose from a variety of different boxer models and different tattoo overlays for each of them.  Once finished you’re treated to a tutorial that explains the controls. The movement of your boxer will be handled with your left and right thumbs. Taps, swipes, and holds will result in jabs, hooks, uppercuts, blocks, and the like.

And then, you’re off to start your career in the ring. Before each match you can choose what areas your character will train in to increase his statistics. Winning matches will earn you cash which you can use to buy new equipment and clothing.


The game randomly generates tougher and tougher opponents as you rise through the ranks in career mode — the number of possibilities is pretty staggering. The actual number you’ll fight from amateur up to winning the final title fight will depend upon the player’s skill and career choices.  Each fight along with some cash, gives you bonuses for winning. Each time you choose a new fight, you are given a few options of different contracts to sign. Once you have earned enough popularity, you get a shot at challenging the champ in your current tier to win his title and move into the next tier. You also get a change of scenery and soundtrack as you move along.


“There has never been a more visceral, precise and natural electronic simulation of hand-to-hand combat on iPhone,” said Marta Miernik, Head of Marketing for Chillingo. “Touch KO is the first game to conveys a convincing sense of the terrifying, ferocious, relentless boxers fighting in the boxing ring on the iPhone. We’re very proud to be bringing to the iPhone gaming community who are up for a quick match on their launch hour.”


Designing Touch KO for the iPhone and iPod touch from the ground up has kept the game from getting mired down in technical or control issues the way that a lot of ported products can be. The advanced engine technology powering this game doesn’t exist in a lot of console or PC titles. Thanks to the team at Unity Technologies, 6ixset studios really pushed this iPhone platform to places it hasn’t been before and believe that the game can stand toe-to-toe with PSP or PS2 titles.





“Touch K.O. is a good choice for iPod touch and iPhone owners who have wanted some portable boxing action,” said Adam Machtley, of 6ixset studios. ”The graphics are solid, the control system is easily to jump into, there are plenty of customization options, and it is simple and fun to play. It is also a great way to work off that aggression on your morning commute.”
Touch K.O. available now for $2.99 from the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at  A new PRO level and additional features will be released soon with the first update.

Check out Touch KO on iTunes now for $2.99.

About Chillingo
Chillingo are the publishers of popular iPhone and iPod touch titles including the award winning Zen Bound  that won multiple awards at the recent Independent Games Festival (IGF) Mobile 2009 and the International Mobile Gaming Awards (IMGA). Their recent title “iDracula– Undead Awakening” zoomed up the App Store charts days after its release. Other recent hits include Toki Tori, Defender Chronicles, and Knight Onrush. For more information about Chillingo please visit

Puri! 2.0 Review – A photo sticker App that beautifies your photos

28 Jul

puri1 Puri! 2.0 is a photo sticker app that helps to beautify your photos with custom made photo frames and stickers. If you have done photo stickers on a photo booth with your friends before, this app will be no stranger to you. When Puri! 2.0 starts, you will be presented with four options – open your previous created photo, choose photo from your device’s photo album, use photo from your iPhone’s camera or visit the Puri’s community web site where you can see other users showcasing their creations.


Puri! 2.0 lets you choose any photo from your photo album to start with. If your photo is not inside your iPhone, you can simply synchronize your desired photos that you want to work with using iTunes. Just synchronize the desired photo folders to prevent overwriting of your pictures in your current Photo album.


From the right hand side toolbar, you are given some options like “frames”, “stamps”, “speech”, “freehand” or “more”. You can first start by creating a photo frame to house your photos. The photo frames are grouped under categories like “Nature”, “Stars”, “Love”, “Simple and Cute”, “Seasons and Festivals” and “Artistic”. You just need to tap on each of the categories to browse a suitable photo frame for your photo.



Once you have chosen the photo frame, work on the type of stickers you will like to include on your photo. Similar to photo frames, the stickers are grouped under various categories. Choose the type of stickers you will like to have and tap on the sticker to make them show in your photos. If you like to move the stickers, just tap on them and you will see them highlighted in a square. Simply slide and move them using your fingers to change their locations. You can also delete the stickers if you don’t like them on your photos.




Once you are done with photo frames and stickers, your resultant photos will look like the ones above. Puri! 2.0 also supports speech bubbles or freehand drawings in your photos. If you want to make your characters speak words in your photos, just add a speech bubble near their faces. If you like to draw some drawings yourself, then use the freehand option.



The one feature most people will look forward to is to export their new creations to Facebook and share it with their friends. Puri! 2.0 allows you to do that with the “Export to Facebook” function.

If you feel you need to change your designs again, then save your photos inside Puri! 2.0. Otherwise, just save them into your iPhone’s Photo Album. Once your photo is inside your iPhone’s Photo Album, you cannot take away or modify the previous photo frames or stickers. Do consider this when you save your photos.



Last but not least, you get to email the photos you created to your friends or relatives. This application supports the use of the iPhone accelerometer. If you tilt your iPhone to horizontal, the photo frame will be in landscape mode. Similar, if you tilt it vertically, the photo frame will be shown as portrait.

This application is packaged with 140 high quality stamps which can be freely scalable and rotatable and 100 high quality frames that you can use in portrait or landscape mode.

Now, you can do away with waiting in front of the photo sticker booth for your turn to snap some photos with your friends. Puri! 2.0 does it nicely for you in a non-hassle manner that lets you smile with great delight when your friends comment how good your creations are!

Overall, I feel this application is done quite nicely and the developer deserves a pat on the back for the great work done. Now, I only wish I can import photos from my Facebook to work on using Puri! 2.0.

Functionality: 4.9 /5
Ease of Use: 4.9 /5
Value for Money: 5 / 5
Type of users Catered for: Everyone.
Overall: 4.9 /5

Check out Puri! 2.0 on iTunes today for $2.99.

Check out Puri! Lite on iTunes today.

Go! Go! Rescue Squad! 1.1 Update & Lite Versions Go Live on The App Store

27 Jul


Manchester 27th July 2009: Connect2Media invite you to find the hero within yourself with the first update for the critically acclaimed action-puzzler Go! Go! Rescue Squad. PLUS get a whole free section of the game with Go! Go! Rescue Squad! Lite on the App Store now for FREE!

Fans of classic puzzlers such as Lemmings and Lost Vikings will enjoy this superb title, while newcomers will discover a charming and incredibly addictive game bursting with character and slick touch controls. This first update has been closely developed with fan feedback in mind, remedying all known issues and revamping several key elements, such as the control method and smoothing off the often harsh difficulty spikes.


Additionally Connect2Media have added 3.0 features including the ability to create your own firefighting soundtrack from your iTunes collection.

Go! Go! Rescue Squad! Lite delivers the entire first section of the game to Iphone/iPod touch owners for free. In it they will be introduced to the concepts that make the game so special including firefighting, Darwin ‘chucking’, teamwork and even little bit of time rewinding.

Stephen Hey at Connect2Media said: “The update is our way of saying thank you to everyone who has bought Go! Go! Rescue Squad! and our response to all of your great feedback. We are constantly trying to hone our games to make them more enjoyable and with Go! Go! Rescue Squad! we have made a game, which had great reviews, even better.


Go! Go! Rescue Squad! Lite is a great introduction to the world of the Rescue Squad and gives you a great taster of the 64 levels in the full game.”

For a limited time Go! Go! Rescue Squad! is available for 99cents/59 pence on the App Store too – strikingly good value for a game that contains 64 levels of gameplay.

Key Features

• 64 levels of fiendishly addictive gaming over six unique districts

• ‘Throw’ items with a flick of the iPhone/iPod touch, zoom into the action with a pinch and touch the Rescue Squad members to wake them up

• Huge variety of hazards to overcome including fire, flood, collapsing buildings, volatile chemicals and deadly security robots

• Cheat death by rewinding time

• Five different level types providing a wide variety of game play and difficulty from time sensitive panic rooms to more relaxed puzzle solving

• We have completely overhauled the control system to make for a more instantly enjoyable gaming experience

• We have worked hard on the levels so that, while being progressively tricky, the Rescue Squad is much easier on the Rookies

3.0 Feature: We thought you might like to add your own soundtrack to the incendiary action so we’ve provided access to your iTunes collection

3.0 Feature: Finally you can email your friends about Go! Go! Rescue Squad! from the game itself. This may not seem amazing to you but our firefighters love it!

Check out Go Go Rescue Squad Lite on iTunes now.

Check out Go Go Rescue Squad Full for $0.99 on iTunes now.


About Connect2Media

Connect2Media develops and publishes interactive entertainment across multiple platforms including mobile, web and interactive TV. Headquartered in Manchester, UK, the company distributes globally including EMEA, Latin America and Asia. Connect2Media publishes and distributes a number of major franchises including Guitar Hero®, World Poker Tour and Civilization as well as a range of original properties. Headquartered in Manchester, UK, with offices in offices in Paris, Munich, Madrid, Krakow, Tel Aviv, Sao Paulo and Bangkok, Connect2Media is firmly established as a global force in multi-platform publishing.

Boulder Dash(R) Vol. 1 competition

26 Jul


FIRST STAR, CHILLINGO AND AURORA FEINT OFFER $2,500 PRIZE Boulder Dash® Vol. 1 high score contest announced for brand’s 25th anniversary.

United States and United Kingdom – 23rd July 2009 – Co-publishers, First Star Software, Inc. and Chillingo Ltd, along with Aurora Feint Inc., have announced today a two week contest for Boulder Dash® Volume 1 on Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch. Available in seven languages and named ‘New and Noteworthy’ by Apple, the well-known, best-selling
game supports OpenFeint 2.0: Social Discovery, developed by Aurora Feint, which among other things, lets players chat and post high scores to several Boulder Dash Volume 1 leaderboards.


As part of the 25th anniversary of Boulder Dash®, the companies will award a cash prize of $2,500 to the person who posts the highest overall score before midnight, July 31, 2009, EST. OpenFeint has been incorporated into numerous Top 100 titles, bringing over 3 million users from these games into an extended social discovery network that connects the iPhone/iPod touch, Facebook, and Twitter with the ability to ask: “What are my friends playing?” anywhere, anytime.

This discovery capability is available inside a game, in an OpenFeint Game Lobby, or on Facebook by simply clicking on a newsfeed item and launching OpenFeint 2.0: Social Discovery.

“OpenFeint 2.0 is all about answering the question ‘What Are My Friends Playing?’ in a myriad of ways. We’ve taken every single piece of OpenFeint and injected a healthy dose of social discovery into it. Every page you look at, from a game’s iPromote page to your achievements list, has social context.

Now it’s easier than ever to discover interesting content through your friends,” says Danielle Cassley and Jason Citron, the co-founders of Aurora Feint. “And of course, we’re excited to have millions of users joining the OpenFeint Social Community from top indie games.”

Richard M. Spitalny, president of First Star Software stated: “We’re thrilled to have OpenFeint 2.0 integrated into Boulder Dash Vol. 1. In addition to the features included in the initial release of OpenFeint, the new ability to check things offline and to earn achievements further increases the appeal of any game. OpenFeint 2.0 allows us to track global high scores which will serve as the basis of the cash prize contest we are announcing today, to help celebrate the 25th anniversary of Boulder Dash.”

“The integration of achievements allow users to be more immersed in the gameplay – further adding to the overall gaming experience.” said Chillingo’s Head of Marketing, Marta Meirnik.

Boulder Dash Volume 1 on Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch is the original game in the multi-million unit selling Boulder Dash series and as such contains all 80 caves (levels) of the original cult classic as well as the 4 original bonus caves. Players can select between ‘Retro’ mode, with the original in-game graphics and movements of Rockford and enemies; or, ‘Updated’ mode with new graphics and smoothly animated movements for Rockford and all in-game characters. The game was re-engineered from the ground up to make use of multi-touch; ‘pinch’ zoom; the ability to switch between portrait and landscape modes on the fly. Players can select from 3 different control methods: touch (drag); split D-pad or diamond D-pad. In addition, they can pan the entire playfield with a single finger ‘flick’, which comes in very handy for planning one’s next moves!

Check out Boulder Dash Vol. 1 on iTunes App Store now for $4.99.

Note: Boulder Dash® is a registered trademark of First Star Software, Inc. Aurora Feint™ is a trademark of Aurora Feint Inc., Facebook is a trademark of Facebook, Twitter is a trademark of Twitter Inc., iPhone and iPod touch are trademarks of Apple Computer.