Puri! 2.0 Review – A photo sticker App that beautifies your photos

28 Jul

puri1 Puri! 2.0 is a photo sticker app that helps to beautify your photos with custom made photo frames and stickers. If you have done photo stickers on a photo booth with your friends before, this app will be no stranger to you. When Puri! 2.0 starts, you will be presented with four options – open your previous created photo, choose photo from your device’s photo album, use photo from your iPhone’s camera or visit the Puri’s community web site where you can see other users showcasing their creations.


Puri! 2.0 lets you choose any photo from your photo album to start with. If your photo is not inside your iPhone, you can simply synchronize your desired photos that you want to work with using iTunes. Just synchronize the desired photo folders to prevent overwriting of your pictures in your current Photo album.


From the right hand side toolbar, you are given some options like “frames”, “stamps”, “speech”, “freehand” or “more”. You can first start by creating a photo frame to house your photos. The photo frames are grouped under categories like “Nature”, “Stars”, “Love”, “Simple and Cute”, “Seasons and Festivals” and “Artistic”. You just need to tap on each of the categories to browse a suitable photo frame for your photo.



Once you have chosen the photo frame, work on the type of stickers you will like to include on your photo. Similar to photo frames, the stickers are grouped under various categories. Choose the type of stickers you will like to have and tap on the sticker to make them show in your photos. If you like to move the stickers, just tap on them and you will see them highlighted in a square. Simply slide and move them using your fingers to change their locations. You can also delete the stickers if you don’t like them on your photos.




Once you are done with photo frames and stickers, your resultant photos will look like the ones above. Puri! 2.0 also supports speech bubbles or freehand drawings in your photos. If you want to make your characters speak words in your photos, just add a speech bubble near their faces. If you like to draw some drawings yourself, then use the freehand option.



The one feature most people will look forward to is to export their new creations to Facebook and share it with their friends. Puri! 2.0 allows you to do that with the “Export to Facebook” function.

If you feel you need to change your designs again, then save your photos inside Puri! 2.0. Otherwise, just save them into your iPhone’s Photo Album. Once your photo is inside your iPhone’s Photo Album, you cannot take away or modify the previous photo frames or stickers. Do consider this when you save your photos.



Last but not least, you get to email the photos you created to your friends or relatives. This application supports the use of the iPhone accelerometer. If you tilt your iPhone to horizontal, the photo frame will be in landscape mode. Similar, if you tilt it vertically, the photo frame will be shown as portrait.

This application is packaged with 140 high quality stamps which can be freely scalable and rotatable and 100 high quality frames that you can use in portrait or landscape mode.

Now, you can do away with waiting in front of the photo sticker booth for your turn to snap some photos with your friends. Puri! 2.0 does it nicely for you in a non-hassle manner that lets you smile with great delight when your friends comment how good your creations are!

Overall, I feel this application is done quite nicely and the developer deserves a pat on the back for the great work done. Now, I only wish I can import photos from my Facebook to work on using Puri! 2.0.

Functionality: 4.9 /5
Ease of Use: 4.9 /5
Value for Money: 5 / 5
Type of users Catered for: Everyone.
Overall: 4.9 /5

Check out Puri! 2.0 on iTunes today for $2.99.

Check out Puri! Lite on iTunes today.


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