Spy Bot Chronicles Game Review

10 Aug


For fans of Toy Bot Diaries, this game is a treat because it has a different robot this time to play with. The main character Toy Bot has been kidnapped by the Thief Bot and Spy Bot is the only robot who can save him!


The game has different challenges each time you play an level. There are always yellow traffic robots that will hinder your jumping. Each time you see them, you have to shoot them with your laser or else they will push you off the block when you jump near them.


The laser gun is obtained in the first level as a collectible. You get to collect these items to upgrade your weapons or skills along the way. After you get the item, a small screen will pop up to show you how to use the item. This appears as a tip box on the right hand side.



There are other challenges as well like electric robots. You have to disarm their electricity by shooting lasers at them before you jump or you will be electrocuted. Other obstacles include rolling boulders in the game and clutches which are tied by rope. You can use your laser gun to cut the ropes so that the boulders will not hit on you. Once the rope is cut, the boulder will act as a block for you to cross instead. Each of the obstacles requires careful thinking on how they work so you can get past each of them.




For those logs which have the Z shaped neon lights, you need to tap on them to make them move. Once they move, you have to immediately hop on them and wait for them to turn before you jump on to the next block.



Spy Bot Chronicles does reminds me of Sonic the hedgehog game but the notable difference is that Spy Bot moves much slower than Sonic the hedgehog which actually gives you time to react to each of the obstacles that awaits you on each level.


The main goal of the game is to collect the metal bolts in the game which Thief Bot has stolen from the galaxy and to find his secret hideout where he kept Toy Bot as a hostage.

You have to pay careful attention to the way you jump in the game. Once you missed the block, you could make Spy Bot lose a life in the game. But once you get the hang of the jumping skill, it will be a breeze to complete this game as fast as you can.

In the game, you will have three lives. Each time you die in the game, the game will restart and reloads where you left off. There are certain checkpoints in the game that do the auto-saving of the game states like the neon camera shown in the screenshot above so that you can continue where you left off. You do not need to panic as to restart all over again when you died in the game.


It is fortunate that the developer pays attention to our needs like we can disable the game music when we are listening to our iPod’s music. This game is packed with 35 unique collectibles for Spy Bot to retrieve and four different zones to play with. There is distinctive music being played for each zone and major challenges.

What I like about this game is the numerous challenges I have to go through each time with Spy Bot. It makes me think whether should I jump or use my laser?

Graphics: 4.7 /5
Sound/Music: 4.8 /5
Fun: 4.8 /5
Addictiveness: 4.8 /5
Value for money: 5 /5
Overall: 4.8 /5

Check out this game on iTunes for $0.99!


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