CLICKGAMER.COM and Jormy Games Release Hover Poker: A Portable Poker Set For The iPhone

11 Aug


Macclesfield, UK – August 10th, 2009 – and Jormy Games are pleased to announce the release of an iPhone and iPod Touch game designed to let people play texas holdem poker games with others by sharing a single device.

Screenshot 2009.07.04 21.55.46

Screenshot 2009.07.04 21.56.26

The game was created in particular response to the increasing popularity of pass’n’play games, where only one device is needed to conduct a gaming session between players.

Screenshot 2009.07.04 21.56.04

Screenshot 2009.07.04 21.57.24

A lot of poker players out there who wish they can play poker with each other but do not wish to carry a large poker set around will find this release much to their delight. This game will relieve them from the need to shuffle cards, keep track of money or have a dedicated dealer, but will faithfully simulate the fun of a poker game.

“You can now play poker anywhere, with a single iPhone and iPod Touch.

No worries about chips, missing cards, improper shuffling, or coin disputes.” says Yose Widjaja, founder of Jormy Games. “Just a good old’ texas holdem poker game, in one device.”

Hover Poker is available now for USD$2.99 from the App Store on iPhone and iPod Touch.


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