Preview of Chillingo’s Inkvaders Game

11 Aug


Inkvaders is a fast-paced 2D shooter. Essentially a game about endurance and resource-management, but also punctuated with moments of tense, fractious battles delivered through ‘Rush’ pickups. You get to pick up items along the game and one of them has an ‘R’ on it. Once you tap on it, the aliens will come rushing towards you. You have to have quick reflexes to shoot them before they get near to you. Once their electric hands got hold of you, there will be no escape. You will be sandwiched in between the aliens as they come from left and right sides.


One thing I notice while playing the preview release of the game is that the weapons do run out quite frequently. With the aliens closing up on me, I don’t even have the time to change my weapons once it is being used up.


One improvement can be made such that when you shake your iPhone, the weapon changes and reloads itself so you don’t need to tap on the weapon icon to change the weapon. This could be a nice feature the developer can add onto the game to make it more easier for the gamer to get accustomed to the game play.



Players need to manage their resources well to avoid being caught short. These include weapon upgrades, ammunition and ‘Boost’ which enables G to collect cash (Martian rocks and meteors). Managing the ‘Boost’ cool-down is often the key to high scoring and survival. The Boost icon is the rocket pack which is found at the bottom right of the screen. To shoot at the aliens, you need to tap on the red explosion icon at the bottom right corner of the screen.


During a ‘Rush’ the player is attacked from both sides by waves of Martians, whose health is reduced to ensure a high yield, but choosing the right weapon with the right amount of ammo is key to survival. Clever play will earn you lots of cash and get you to the next weapon more quickly. Poor choices will leave G in pieces on the floor, literally.

Endurance mode is good way to experience the different chapters (visuals and audio) as the game randomly picks one of the story mode’s thirty levels to play.

Future Features:
+  Integration of a social networking client.
+    Leader-boards
+   Achievements
+   Performance improvements across the board.

Duration of the Game:
Inkvaders will take around two hours to complete in story mode. If you don’t die that is! Endurance mode is open ended as the developer does not know how many levels are possible. Someone can always go one more level ahead of the rest of the other gamers. Once you finish the level, you will see a lot of bloody alien heads or body parts lying around.

I certainly hope this game can have two players battling the aliens together over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Let’s see and wait for the game to be released on App Store soon.


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