Preview of Quest for Knights Onrush

13 Aug


If you loved Knights Onrush, you will love “Quest for Knights Onrush”. This is a promo game made based on Knights Onrush characters and graphics – it’s free and fully functional. However, it’s a totally different kind of a game. You control one character and your mission is to force through hordes of enemies using your sword.



Fight knights, swordsmen, wizards and ballista, take advantage of the leveling system, do your best to fight as far as you can. Go and kill them all. If games will like this game, we ask that they support us by checking Knights Onrush – our “stick figures flicking castle defense game” – part of the game play is actually included in this build, too.



The premium version will include:

+ Multiple levels with different backgrounds and enemies.
+ More enemies, objects, abilities.
+ 3 different heroes to choose from, each with unique abilities and leveling system.

+ Better Artificial Intelligence in the game play.
– New Bosses.
– Online scoreboards.

I can’t wait to check out the game when it is released on the App Store. 🙂


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