Toki Toki latest updates brings it to the next level.

15 Aug

Toki_idle_goggles_blink Toki_idle_clean


Toki_idle_dance Toki_idle_plans

A new substantial update on Toki Tori has been released by Chillingo.



This version includes:

a.     New Features
i.     Bonus level support
ii.     Play your own music
iii.     Support for iPod library access (OS 3.0 exclusive)
iv.     Added button to focus camera on Toki Tori
v.     Controls overview, accessible from the in-game menu
vi.     Random level feature, which becomes available when  finishing the game

b.     Added content
i.     Added four bonus levels
ii.     Fixed Bubble Barrage level 2 alternative solution
iii.     Clarified use of Bubble Suit item in level accompanying text.

c.     The game is now available in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian   and Spanish

My video won the 7th place runner-up in the Toki Tori Promotion Contest.

Check out the 1st prize winner of the contest below by the Toki Tori Masters.

Check out the game on iTunes now for $4.99.


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