NAVFone SG D100 App Review

16 Aug


NavFone SG D100 is an iPhone app that is suitable for tourists coming to Singapore and people who are currently staying in Singapore. When you execute the application on your iPhone, the map will show you the tourist hotspots like the Chinese garden and Jurong Bird Park.


All these features are available for you without any data usage. However, if you want to turn on the locate me feature in NavFone, you need to turn on your 3G on your iPhone. If you are using iPhone 2G or iPod Touch, you need Internet access to enable the location service as these devices are not 3G enabled.

This application is only suitable for people walking on the streets not by car. If you need car driving directions from point A to point B, this app does not serve the purpose as it has no voice direction mechanism and the journey planner only caters for public transport.

Tapping on the Search button below allows you to search by keyword or by the location’s postal code.


If you like the map to show for one of your search results, you just need to drill down further by tapping on the “>” sign. It will show you the location on the map with a red pin on the specified location. You can also add bookmarks to your search results so that you can come back to them later when you need it again.



The app also allows you to search by layers on the map. For instance, if you want to find the nearest ATM money vending machine, you can click on the book icon in the search box to show all the layers. You can also browse your recent search results too besides the Layers button.



The app features a journey planner that allows you to specify your starting point and ending destination and it will suggest a few options for you to choose from. First, you have to specify the location you are currently in and the destination location which you want to go to. Once you are done, tap on “Public Transport Route” button.


The application will suggest a few alternatives to get to your destination and will show the estimate bus fare and train fare which you need to spend in order to reach to your location.


If you drill down further by tapping on the “>” sign again, you can see the details of how to walk there as well as where to take the public transport.


In each instruction, you can drill down further to see the map and the path drawn out nicely for you to see on how to reach to your final destination.


Finally, if you want to clear all your settings and bookmarks, just tap on the settings page. There is a “Reset to Default Setting” button in case you screw up your maps.


One thing I will wish to have is to send to my friends the location map on their iPhones. Currently, the direction arrows in the map for journey planner only catered for my eyes only. If my friends are lost, I can send them the map so they can see how to get to the same destination as myself. Chances are they will like the maps so well that they can purchase this NavFone SG D100 software too. Probably AGIS can make a lite version that shows only maps received from NavFone SG D100 users.

This application is designed by AGIS and is using a drill-down approach for its user interface. Using the application is easy and hassle-free. The maps can be seen as pretty small as the footprint of the app is only 10.4 megabytes.

I remember my Omnia mobile phone has the AGIS maps software for 3 months trial. Now this application is designed only for Singapore only. I look forward to other countries navigation apps by AGIS as they provided me a very useful app on my iPhone. Now, I can never get lost in Singapore again when I go there for tours!

Functionality: 5 /5
Ease of Use: 4.9 /5
Value for Money: 5 / 5
Type of users Catered for: Tourists going to Singapore and locals.
Overall: 4.9 /5

Check out NavFone SG D100 on iTunes for $9.99.


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