Preview of Anna Montana Resource Management Game

18 Aug


In Anna Montana game, it tells a story of Anna, who needs to make money to pay for college. She visits her grandma at ”Glamour Lane” and decides to take up the job of being a housekeeper to the esteemed residents of “Glamour Lane”. The houses at Glamour Lane belong to some of the leading stars in today’s entertainment industry. You will need to follow instructions given by the stars and complete multiple housekeeping tasks. The quicker you tidy up the houses, the more Glamour money you will make. Efficiency may earn a player a higher tip from the well-known stars as well as additional special elegant awards.



Anna will face time management challenges as she goes about her duties, and will also be forced to manage her tools ,which also have time and usability constraints. Moreover, she will also be allowed to visit the shop where she can spend her hard earned “Glamour” money to buy upgraded versions of her tools. This three way resource management challenge is what makes the game play immersive and addictive . It is called three way because the player has to manage Time , for tidying up and cleaning, prevent tools from expiring and try to earn Glamour money to buy and upgrade the tools.

Current Features of the Game includes:

  • Engaging storyline & script involving satirical stars
  • In apps access to iPod library
  • 8 Different Tools To Help You Do Your Job
  • Upgradable Tools To Maximize Your Performance
  • 7 Unique Houses For You To Conquer
  • Total of 30 + Awards With 7 Awards Available In Current Game.
  • Play Challenge Mode For The Ultimate Challenge

The gamer has to play careful attention to how to use the various elements on the game screen in order to survive the time challenge.


At the bottom right hand corner, this is the house button where you need to tap on the pink triangles to navigate between the different rooms in the houses. I find the small triangles very hard to press as they are small and my fingers has to press them precisely to work. However, you will get used to it when you play a few rounds of the game.

The left hand corner of the game shows the tools menu. This is where you can choose the tools to do the cleaning. The tools have a timer which is indicated by a blue circle around it. Each tools need to be recharged after every use. Therefore, you cannot keep using the same tool continuously.





There are a couple of things you can do with your tools. The hand icon helps to pick up things placed wrongly at certain places of the room. The bucket helps to collect the dirty clothes around the room. The brush is used with the washing detergent to clean off the stains on the sofa and toilet bowls. You should use the cloth to clean on sofas instead of the brush when you use the washing detergent. The vacuum cleaner helps to suck up the dirt on the floor and the cloth can be used to clean spider webs and well as stains on the walls.




As you clean the rooms, your blue percentage bar on the top increases. The timer is shown as pink words. When it counts down to 1 min, the words turn red and the music changes. This means that you can hurry up and complete whatever you are doing. The scoring mechanism is quite strict for this game. You have to score above 70% to pass each level or you have to restart the game level again.



Sometimes, if you fare pretty well in cleaning the rooms, you get to obtain a special award in the game. There are a total of 30 awards to encourage the gamer to play this game.




When you complete cleaning a house, the house will show the owner’s face on it. If it has not been cleaned, it will not show the face on the house. There is a telephone on the house which means you have to talk to the owner of the house to take up the cleaning job. In the game, you will earn money to upgrade your tools so the timer on them can be longer and you can use it more to clean the rooms.





Once you complete the level, it will show you your current high scores compare to the other players of the game. The satisfaction the gamer gets from playing the game besides having the high scores will be to look at the clean and nice rooms after it is cleaned by yourself. This satisfaction can never be compared with the scores you are getting!




The game is due to be released at the end of August 2009. The following new features such as online ranking boards with Facebook integration, five additional houses and episodic play and five different game endings based on how you play will be incorporated in the game in September 2009. Lets look forward to this game being released on the iTunes App Store. Meanwhile, let’s enjoy the screen shots of the game in the preview article.

Humble Gaming has teamed up with Celestial Digital Entertainment (CDE) to bring you this time resource management game. CDE has previously brought games like “Attack from the Dead”, “Archmage Defense”, “Ancient Tribe”, “A bugs Defense” and “Alien Crisis” to our iPhones and iPod Touches. This game will be their first efforts in teaming up with Humble Gaming.  Visit the blog of Anna Montana to find out the progress of this new game as well as check out Humble Gaming Blog to find out about the company and their games.


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  1. cdehumble August 20, 2009 at 9:40 am #

    Anna Montana is a game for all ages, men and women alike. Is also great for parents who wants their kids to get into the habit of keeping the room clean. Our game dialogue caters to all in and out of the USA, making it easier for everyone to understand. Expect new houses and characters to be release soon through updates. Feedback can be written on this post or on our website: Good house keeping!

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