Peter und Vlad – Saving Sheep from the Weather Machine Game Preview

22 Aug


The tale of Vlad, the mad scientist that created a weather machine to help his brother Peter. When designing this machine, the often too hasty and overzealous Vlad, made some rather dangerous mistakes:

1. The machine gets its energy automatically from sheep wool. Under other circumstances that would be brilliant but Vlad decided to turn on the machine near a big flock of sheep causing his beautiful system to overload.

2. The machine doesn’t have an off button.


If Peter isn’t quick enough to flock the sheep into the farmhouse, the weather machine, attracted by the great mass of wool, enters the field outside of their farmhouse and starts sucking the sheep off the ground.



With each sucked up sheep the machine becomes more powerful and threatening to both Peter and the sheep. A side effect of the weather machine is that it alters the season after it has hovered over the field.
It’s up to you to guide Peter in his effort to flock the sheep into the farmhouse.


Game Features:

+ Two game play modes: Story and Zen. In Zen mode you can herd the sheep for as long as you like without having to worry about the danger of the weather machine.

+  Peter’s good knowledge of mushrooms gives him that extra something he’ll need to save his sheep from his brother’s weather machine. Remember though that Peter is under a lot of stress and therefore could make a mistake by eating a toxic mushroom – with humorous results.

+ Real-time weather transformation effects as summer morphs into autumn, winter and spring.

+ Local and global leader boards that measure your efficiency as a herder.

+ Original soundtrack which is played when you start the game.

This certainly sounds like an interesting game to look forward to in iTunes App Store from the developers from Iceland. Check out their web site to find out more about their upcoming games.


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