Ah Sexy Bikini Girl 1 Game Review

26 Aug


This is a picture mosaic game. Basically, you choose one picture from the 12 photos in the game and the game will scramble the game into small squares so you can fix the pieces together to become a full picture.


The game is a jigsaw puzzle type of game and it has 12 hot models in the gallery. There is a highlighted box in the game with a green tick. You are supposed to tap the box with the green tick and slowly tap the pieces beside it to move it together with the matching pieces.

However, once the picture is scrambled, you have no chance to see the original game again.


The game can be improved by having bigger squares in the game to make the game more easier and allow the player to use drag and drop technique to make the jigsaw puzzle full again. I personally feel drag and drop will be faster than tapping the individual boxes.

There should be a hints button which will show the full picture again if the player is lost on how to make the jigsaw puzzle. There is a timer that counts down to the amount of time you have in the game. The timer bar is shown as the colored bar at the bottom of the game. Once the bar is full, your game is over.

The game does not contain much nudity so I guess it is okay for ages above 17 to play it.

Graphics: 4.6 /5
Sound/Music: None
Fun: 4.6 /5
Addictiveness: 4.6 /5
Value for money: 5 /5
Overall: 4.6 /5

If you are interested in such games,

check out the game on iTunes for $0.99.

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