Finger Traffic Navigator Goes Free on first release in App Store

26 Aug

3photo 3

Simple to play, hard to put down!

Instructions on how to play:
Navigate the flow of Traffic with your finger.

It gets more and more difficult as more cars come into
the intersection.

0Mainphoto 2


Feature bonus stars: Run over the corresponding star to get an
extra bonus point. But don’t run over the wrong color star, you will crash!

2FTN instructions

It is okay to crash. The Accident Indicator on the bottom left will turn yellow but then red to end the game. If you navigate a few cars successfully, the indicator will go back to green again.

If you enjoy games like Flight Control and Harbor Master, you have to try Finger Traffic Navigator! It is free for a limited time only but the game contains ads.

Main Game Features:

+ Easy Finger Control
+ Different types of vehicles that move at various speeds.
+ Bonus Police car, all traffic stops until it leaves!
+ Bonus Stars, earn more points.
+ Earn your driver’s license.
+ Keep track of high score.
+ Accident Indicator, turns traffic light colors when you crash.
+ Fun effects and sounds
+ Amazing 3D rendered graphics.

Check the game out on iTunes free for a limited time only!


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