iSpider released on App Store for $0.99!

26 Aug


iSpider is a quick and challenging game that will have your fingers twisted up in knots. You get to live the life of a spider. A very hungry spider! At the top of your screen is the hunger meter. You must catch and wrap up enough bugs in your web to keep you from starving. If your hunger meter gets empty, you die.


iSpider is a fun game of Twister for the fingers. It is great for killing a few minutes here or there.

Welcome to iSpider game. Here you will be in the role of a hungry spider that tries to catch as many bugs as possible. Touch the bugs to catch them filling your hungry bar. If it becomes empty you starved. Simple, addictive and charismatic game to play alone or with the aid of your friends and family.

iSpider is a great family game! Try it with your kids.

Main Game Features:

+ Multi-touch support (catch more than one bug at the same time)
+ High scores
+ Charismatic art
+ Easy to learn
+ Simple control interface
+ FUN family game!
+ World Rank
+ Game Play Twister Like

New features Coming Soon:

+ Online Score

+ New Main Menu

Check out iSpider on iTunes for $0.99!


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