Night Sky 2 – a $0.99 night star gazing application for iPhone and iPod Touch

29 Aug


A hand held observatory including music player to help with those long nights star gazing. NightSky 2 is a comprehensive simulation of the celestial sphere uniquely providing 5 views both in landscape and portrait screen modes.



The following screen modes are provided in the application:

Equatorial – View the whole sky in one go.
Polar view of Northern hemisphere stars.
Polar view of Southern hemisphere stars.
Sky – the visible sky directly above day or night.
Horizon – uniqure view of the sky you would see by directly looking at the horizon.


Other features include:

– Navigate the NightSky using your finger, GPS or built-in Compass
– Constellation selection screens.
– Named Objects database
– Zodiac symbol display.
– Moon phrase calendar.
– Real-time display of Sun, Moon and the Major planets
including distance and astronomical position.
– Acquire position and time from the iPhone’s built in GPS.
– Select your position using Google Maps.
– Track what you see in the sky by slaving Horizon view
to your GPS or compass heading.
– Scale lines for Horizon, Ecliptic and Galactic Equator.
– Real-time data calculation – no need for remote data access.
– Setup and control iPod playlist from the main screens
– Observation emailer.

Check out NightSky II on iTunes now for $0.99.


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