Safagon Full Screen Web Browser (version 1.1) sells for $0.99 on iTunes.

29 Aug


Safagon is not only a true Full Screen Web Browser but it also includes many advanced features. For those people who like a change from the conventional Safari Web Browser on iPhone or iPod Touch, you can try this full screen web browser as it has many features which you cannot find in the Safari Web browser on your iPhone.



Main Key Features:

– Horizontal and Landscape support.

– Multi-Tab browing support.

– User can create, delete tabs, open a link in a new tab

– User can use “Save Session” to reload the last URLs on the next use.

– Smart-loading when opening link in new tab (the browser will load content of new tab as separated thread while you still can surf the current tab, save your time when switch to new tab)

– Smart navigation between pages and tabs.

– Support special type of navigation: “Touch-side” which is very easy to use.

– History: “Auto clear history” option.

– Loading modes – Safagon supports two modes: Full load and Not Load images mode for loading only text of web pages.

– Send a link to someone by email or to Safari (open the link with Safari)

– Multiple Search engines included. Safagon searches web with many search engines as Google, Yahoo etc.

– Cookies. User can choose to delete cookies or keep cookies.

– iPhone 3.0 compatible.

New in this version:

– Allows access link at the edge

– Add option to always show status bar in full screen mode.

– Show bookmark button when edit address box.

– Support custom url, you can add the bookmarklet – “javascript:location.href=’safagon://’+location.href” – to Safari to open current page of Safari on Safagon.

– Add 30+ Bookmarklets in 5 Categories.

– Fix Japanese problem for build-in search

– Performance and stability improvements

Check out Safagon Full Screen Web Browser on iTunes for $0.99!


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