Underground – a debut shooter game with graffiti soon to hit the iTunes App Store

30 Aug


Take a journey with a graffiti artist through the underground transport system as they battle through their inner demons on a mission to rectify a previous art crime. You will get to experience the world from a graffiti artist’s viewpoint.




Fight your way through a series of street art inspired levels and lift the curse that seems to haunt their every move. Unfold the story as you stop at each beautifully 3D rendered station and get closer to the truth behind the myth.






Classic 2d side scrolling shoot ‘em up game play takes you on a trip through the thoughts and anxieties of our cursed artist as they make their way to their final destination.



For the iPhone and iPod touch – Underground is a horror/graffiti themed
side scrolling shoot ‘em up. This game is different compared to other shooter game because it utilizes graffiti backgrounds as the landscape as the game’s landscape. I have included the video that depicts the game play so you can see whether it is a game worth buying. For myself, I am very impressed with the video itself. You have to see the video to believe it!

Main Game Features include:

• Classic 2D side scrolling SHMUP
• Uses the iPhone and iPod touch’s tilt and multi touch controls
• Over 60 different enemies with a vast range of behaviors
• 11 different weapons
• 3 levels of difficulty over 12 levels
• Power-ups include shield and slow motion “Bullet Time”
• Story mode with real-time 3d cut scenes
• Shoot in any direction simply by touching the screen


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