Plushed – a platform game by BlackSmith Games coming soon to an iTunes App Store Near You.

31 Aug


Blacksmith games announces its first iPhone and iPod Touch game which is called Plushed. It is a platform game with unique game play.



You can help the main character (surprise: a bunny, turning into a bunny knight later) during his journey.

Control different items with your finger or by shaking your iPhone to attract enemies, defeat level bosses, to solve tasks and to do many other exciting things. Furthermore, Plushed offers over 20 unique and unprecedented characters. Every character has different qualities, which will amaze you.




The game’s design has a distinct visual style that merges the happy world of childhood fairytales with a somewhat macabre twist and dark humor.

In order to keep you up to date we started our interactive website There you will be provided with the latest news, tweets, pictures and videos. New updates guaranteed!

Game Features

– more than 20 unique and funny characters from a pizza eater to a batcow
– unique game play
– marvelous story
– hand-drawn backgrounds and game assets
– professional character animations
– 3 world bosses you have to defeat
– 9 big and unique levels
– 4 mini games for more fun
– original soundtrack
– This game is designed specifically for the iPhone
– utilizes its touch specific features as well as the built-in accelerometer
-…and many more surprises


What happens when the fairytale world of a cute little girl turns into a cursed kingdom where she is queen? Her favorite plushie sets out to save her, of course. Guiding her loyal plush through several haunted meadows and creepy castles, you must use your wits to bring down the Evil voodoo mouse and his army of wacky minions! It’ simple; get to the castle, save the princess. You’ve seen it before, but not like this. PLUSHED! The adventures of the reluctant bunny knight

Character Concepts


The video shows the special way of direct interaction between the player and the world. In the first scene the bunny collects a Pizza. After that the player drags the Pizza around which wakes the Pizza Eater up. Then, in order to reach the Ladybug-coins, the player has to “feed” the Pizza Eater by dropping the Pizza  above his head so that the Pizza Eater can be used as a trampoline.

This scene makes the unique interaction of the game (in the game the player will have the possibility to interact with pizzas, mirrors, keys and more), which is used in the same way in the further levels, very easy to understand for the casual gamer.

Video of the Game Play


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