TrakPal V2 provides GPS for driving or walking and other outdoor activities.

2 Sep


TrakPal V2 provides advanced GPS and Accelerometer based tools for driving or walking or any other outdoor activity.

For driving there is a large configurable GPS based speedometer, real-time accelerometer, map display, over speed alarms. For walking and running a pedometer is also included.

Compare your present Trak against previously recorded runs using the comparison feature – for when the only competition is yourself!

Full list of features:
– Full easy set-up 2D Acceleration meter with tilt angle setting.
– Pedometer – possibly the only pedometer with GPS mapping and logging. Anywhere.
– Configurable Speedometer with over-speed warnings.
– G and Tilt alarms.
– Performance summary pane with duration, distance, maximum and average speed and step counts.
– Location summary pane.
– Sun and moon rise, set times and positions.
– Lighting up / sunset indicator.
– Trak Map display using Google maps.
– Graphs for speed, speed limit, acceleration left/right, forward/back and total, altitude.
– Live comparison feature to check you performance against previous runs in real time.
– Analysis mode to compare the current run with previous runs.
– User set analysis of acceleration runs in analysis mode – for example 0-60 times and standing 1/4 mile.
– Trak management feature for storage of comparison runs.
– Summary log for each Trak Run.
– System setup for calibration of accelerometers.
– Full integrated help.
– Support for kph, mph, metres per second and knots.


TrakPal is the total outdoor pursuit tool, whether it be driving, running, cycling, skiing, snowboarding, sailing or even home improvement.
Driving: In addition to the speedometer and G-Meter, log every journey using the run log.

Running: Time each training session and record number of strides. Compare you performance over each run using the comparison feature.

Cycling: Use the speed alarms to warn when to change chain rings.

Skiing or Snowboarding: Use the pedometer feature to record number of jumps!
Sailing: Use the tilt alarm to prevent unnecessarily capsizing.
Home improvement: use the tilt angle display to ensure awkward items are level.

All information is derived directly from your iPhone’s sensors without the need to access the internet.

Completely updated and redesigned to make optimal use of the iPhone.

Customer testimonies for the Windows Mobile version:

Just purchased TrakPal for iPhone this morning! Very excited after using it on my old win mob. – MS, UK.
Great looking product –
Otto, Australia.
A really interesting program for a car nut – CF, Canada.
Cool Graphics! – RooF, Athens.
I really like the interface and I am having fun with it –
John, USA.

System Requirements

iPhone 3G OS3.0.

New In This Version:
Analysis times (e.g. 0-60, etc) now displayed on analysis input page.
System accelerometer calibration bars show calibrated values.
Orientation may be preset before pressing GO button.

Check out TrakPal V2 on iTunes for $9.99


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