Preview of CDE’s Crush the Zombies Game

6 Sep


This game is a product created by the joint efforts of Zaps Creation Studio and CDE Game Team.

The story of the game goes like this:


The aliens have invaded your hometown. Most people in the vicinity are infected with the alien zombie virus. There is no cure for this virus.
You found a road roller in your backyard and you decided to use it to get out of your house and search for survivors who are not infected with the zombie virus. You need to guide them to the exit door so they can escape from the zombies.

The game controls are the wheel control to move and the right and left steering controls for direction navigation. Basically, you need to use the wheel control and the steering controls to navigate your road roller to crush the zombies. The more zombies you crush, the more combos you obtained. There will be no lack of zombies to crush as they keep coming in waves to swarm you and your vehicle.


There are five types of enemies in this game. Two children zombies and a big deformed zombie which you have to deal with while navigating your road roller. The worst has yet to come. There is an green alien that will shoot lasers at your road roller to damage your getaway vehicle.


Fortunately, you have in-game items to help you in difficult situations. These items usually appear after you completed several combos by squashing more zombies with your road roller.



The game play is pretty straightforward. You need to navigate your road roller out into the streets and to the fields to crush those zombies you encountered using your vehicle. The game allows you to play in the survival mode or  time rush game mode. The survival mode is where you need to kill the zombies and make sure you survive for as long as you can in the game. Once the zombies get onto your vehicle, your life bar at the bottom of the game will start to decrease till it finishes then it is game over for you.


The time rush game mode does not display the life bar. The main objective of the time rush mode is that you have to save the remaining survivors and take them to the exit door. Then they can really be safe from the zombies.

The game controls are quite limited in the sense, you get to steer right or left and you have to use the blue wheel to accelerate or apply brakes. There is no up or down controls to move the vehicle. Most of the time, I was steering my road roller in semi-circles and this help me kill a lot of zombies in the process. Once I obtain such combos, special game items will appear out of nowhere to aid me in the game.



The game supports online scoreboards for the time rush and survival game modes. You can check your rankings versus your friends to see how you fare. The game currently does not support online multiplayer functions like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth peer to peer gaming yet.




To help you save your game states, CDE games have provided three empty game slots to let you save your progress in both the time rush or survival game modes.

I believe the graphics in this game is like the previous CDE games as there are special lighting effects and the graphics of the characters are definitely well-drawn in the game.

Let’s look forward to the release of the iTunes App store.


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