Preview of Auto Trafego Game

8 Sep


You’ve just landed a new job as a municipal traffic controller. It’s a pretty easy job – all you do is watch a camera and flip the lights when the cars get stuck. Can’t be that hard, right? That psychological test they made you take was probably just a legal precaution. Nothing to worry about.



    • Control the flow through 7 levels of cities, countryside and more
    • Survival modes for the truly ambitious city employee
    • Detailed and striking artwork
    • Up to 200 cars onscreen at once
    • See your ranking on the online high score list
    • Integration with Twitter and Facebook
    • Option for left-handed roads
    • Original sound track by Squall
  • Main Game Features:


This game is created by Adam Beal and Dominique Bongard who has prior experience developing games like The Sims, Full Metal Alchemist and several other titles on Nintendo DS. You can check out their web site here.

It seems that this game is currently in development and will be released to the iTunes App Store soon. I believe this game will be a treat for those people who played harbor master and flight control.

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