Preview of Com2US’s Sniper vs Sniper: Online

14 Sep

image SniperVsSniper_01

Com2US provided a glimpse of their upcoming game – Sniper versus Sniper which is an online Sniper game with loads of great features and single player missions.




The game is packed with NPC Distractions and animated targets to make the gamer feel he is in a real battleground.

The detailed maps make it so real that I wish it is something closer to Halo game on the Xbox 360 console.

The planned released date for this game is October 2009. I hope this game has the same success as HomeRun Battle 3D as Com2US usually produce great games. 🙂

Preview Video:

Detailed Maps:


Animated Targets:


NPC Distractions:


Game Controls:


1. Click anywhere on the Screen to start searching at the location you clicked in the Binocular Mode.

2. Double Tap the screen to go directly to Scope mode.

3. Top of the screen shows you and your enemy’s health bar.


4. Locate the enemy sniper by tilting your iPhone to the direction you want to look.

5. Click the Crosshair Icon on the bottom right to switch to Scope mode.


6. Once the enemy sniper is in the center of the crosshairs, tap the bottom right button to fire.

7. If you miss fire, your location will be revealed to the enemy.

Key Power Features:

– Online Match Up: Go head to head against other players from all around the world.

– Alliance Attack: Work together with other snipers to hunt down terrorist groups.

– World Ranking: Improve your rank and become the best Sniper in the world.

– Chat with other players: Chat with other snipers from other countries.

– Upgrade Weaponry: Increase your accuracy by earning 6 special items.

Basic Features:

– Single player: Choose between 1 versus 1 or campaign mode to fulfill 6 missions.

– Special Mission: Complete up to 30 missions to upgrade your equipment.

– High quality stages: 5 detailed stages to battle in Match Up mode.

– Friend’s List: Add up to 20 friends or enemies to battle them online.

– Accelerometer: Tilt to aim and tap to shoot controls.


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