Jojo’s Fashion Show 2 Game Review

15 Sep



Jojo’s Fashion Show is a clothing match-up game similar to those barbie dolls games which gals play when they are young. In this game, you play as Jojo with her daughter Rosalind who have to decide for male and female models which outfits to wear for different themes on the fashion show runway.




Before each level begins, there is some dialogue between JoJo and her friends or people who help her to host the fashion show. This makes the game interesting as the game has a storyline.



There is a timer counting down on the left hand side in blue led numbers while you hurry each model to the runway after you dress the model up. You can hurry up a model to the runway only when she is fully dressed up. To select the model to walk on the runway, you just need to press the pink color walking icon that is displayed on the right hand side of each model. Each model will have different themes like “Bollywood”, “SockHop”, “Conservative” and “Provocative”. There is some clothes at the bottom of the screen to let you choose for the different themes.



All aspects of the model must be completed before you push the model to the runway. If you dress the model without shoes, points will be deducted from your overall scores. Each model will earn you a certain score that totals up to your score for that particular level.

I find that as I progresses, I get to know how to dress up each model to that particular theme. How experienced you are at the game comes with your experiences which you gathered from the previous levels.

You are rated on different parts of the dressing on the model’s body. Each theme has different areas to look out for when dressing up the model.



If you are thinking that this game is purely for gals, you are wrong. This game lets you dress up men as well. The dressing criteria for each theme has different requirements. You have to study the different aspects of each theme before you choose the different types of clothes. Needless to say, men’s dressing differs a lot from the women’s dressing.



You may fare well in the women’s dressing but fail badly at the men’s dressing. This game test out your dress sense as well. Perhaps, you can even improve in your dress sense in your day to day life after you played this game.






The game also shows which outfit you made on the model score the highest points throughout the game. This feature encourages the player to make more innovative dressings on the models at different stages of the game.

There are other mini games at different levels of the game. The camera shot level requires you to tilt your iPhone or iPod touch to move the camera. Once you are comfortable with the area to shoot a picture, just tap on the screen to capture the photo.




The camera shots are very much dependent on the themes again. You have to snap your camera at the models which you think best fit the theme shown at the screen. As usual, points will be given to the quality of the picture taken. If you take a picture that shows part of the model’s feet missing, less points will be awarded.



There are 50 levels of game play in this game. Each of the fashion week takes place in a different country. The game has different game plays such as model chains, fashion chains, time bonuses, signature outfits, accessories, power-ups and more. Each game play makes the game even sweeter to the gamer as it has many scenarios to play the game.

The game is on sale now for $0.99. Grab it while you can!

It is definitely worth buying this game as it is packed with so much features.

Graphics: 4.7 /5
Sound/Music: 4.7 /5
Fun: 4.7 /5
Addictiveness: 4.7 /5
Value for money: 5 /5
Overall: 4.7 /5


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