Cannons Game Review

23 Sep




Cannons is a pipe completion game that is in similar genre with CXI Gaming’s Pirate Attack II  but the Readdle guys have gone further in adding more flavor to the pipe game itself to surpass standards created by CXI Gaming’s Pirate Attack II.

You can play this game in Story or Quick Play game modes. In Story mode, you get to conquer different ships on the seas by completing the fuses and fire cannons at them. Of course, there are hidden treasures in the seas, waiting for discovery. You have to find these treasures before your enemy finds them before you do.





In Quick Play game mode, you can play in Arcade, Classic or Strategy game modes. In the Arcade quick play mode, the fuses drop automatically one by one like in a Tetris game. Your job is to mix and match the fuses so that the cannons can be fired off. In the Classic quick play mode, all the fuses are arranged in a messy manner. You can align them such that they match so the fuses will burn and the new fuses come toppling down from above. This Classic game mode also sounds like a Tetris game mode isn’t it?



This game is definitely worth your money as each game mode can be played in Easy, Normal and Hard difficulty levels. There are Story, Quick Play Arcade, Quick Play Classic and Quick Play Strategy game modes altogether. So total, there are 12 game modes in this game alone for a price of $2.99.

The basic game play is to tap and rotate the fuses so that they can connect and light up the fuses to fire the cannons. There is a required number of cannons to shoot before the time runs out on you. You also have to prevent the fuses from filling up the screen or else it is game over for you. If you complete many combos in the game, you can actually earns coins to upgrade your cannons later.


In Strategy game mode, you only have a limited number of matches to light the fuses. This allows the gamer to plan his or her move carefully so as to not waste the matches to light the fuses. Once you light the fuses using the last match, if you can’t burn the remaining fuses, you will lose the game. Thus, you have to choose to light the fuses that covers a large area with each match in order to win!

One thing to note in this game when you initially start the game in an area without wireless internet, it is best to disable “the submit scores online” by tapping on the checkbox. If you do not do this, you are unable to proceed with the game.



You can select your character during the start of the game. The game music is splendid in the sense that it influence people to be excited and hold them in suspense while playing the game.

You can submit your scores online when you are near a wireless hot spot to let your friends know where you fare in the game.

If you love Tetris or Pipe Mania, this game can actually satisfy your needs. You can also share this game with your friends by allowing them to create different character profiles on your iPhone or iPod Touch. This way, you can challenge them in an indirect manner as this game currently does not support Wi-Fi or Bluetooth gaming.

Below is a video of the actual game play on Cannons.

Graphics: 4.6 /5
Sound/Music: 4.7 /5
Fun: 4.7 /5
Addictiveness: 4.7 /5
Value for money: 4.8 /5
Overall: 4.7 /5

Check out Cannons on iTunes for $2.99 only!


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