Cash Cow – Count your coins to save your farm!

23 Sep



Cash Cow is an original coin counting game where you help Buck the Cow and his friends save their farm. The objective is simple: earn money by counting up your loose change. Small coins make big coins, and big coins make dollar bills. Things get trickier when you add counterfeit money, ladybugs, gold nuggets, glowing coins, and power-ups into the mix.
With its unique challenges, fantastic graphics, and catchy soundtrack, Cash Cow is one app players will come back to again and again!



Built from the ground up for iPhone and iPod Touch, Riverman Media recreated Cash Cow from scratch to make it the best iPhone experience possible. From its wacky new storyline to the physics-based bonus mode, we’ve gone to great lengths to make Cash Cow a best-of-breed puzzle game for iPhone.





A proven success
The PC version of Cash Cow has been downloaded over 1.5 million times, enjoyed over 5% conversion rates during its peak of popularity, and was on Big Fish Games’ Top 10 for several weeks. Cash Cow’s cheery farm-themed graphics, combined with the universal appeal of counting money, continually attract a broad spectrum of demographics.






The game is easy to play! Intuitive controls with interactive tutorials

A deep combo system that will take weeks to master
Build a custom farm, complete with windmills, haystacks, chickens, and over 25 other types of equipment.

5 distinct game modes. Choose whether to play for hours or minutes
Soundtrack with PLENTY OF COWBELL!

Check out the preview video below to get a glimpse of the game play.


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