Super Shock Football is now available on Apple App Store!

23 Sep


Chillingo,and  Steamroller Studios announced the immediate availability of fun-filled nostalgic world of Super Shock Football on Apple App Store.  To celebrate the game is being offered for only $1.99, which is a full 50% off the full price.

Super Shock Difficulty

Super Shock 2 Player 2

Super Shock Out Of Bounds

Super Shock Playing 1
Super Shock Football features game-play simple enough for the casual gamer, yet deep enough to satisfy the hardcore football nut. Shock Football is inspired by the old vibrating football games that became popular over 60 years ago. IT was built from the ground up to appeal to both casual and hardcore gamers. Its simple enough for a dad to play with his kid, yet deep enough to satisfy the hardcore football fan.

Super Shock 2 Player 3

Super Shock Achievements

Super Shock Playing 4

While the game will inherently appeal to very niche and loyal crowd, it was created with the casual iPhone user in mind. It sports an easy to follow user interface with the ability to play a full game by using the one button. You don’t even have to know the rules of football or remember the original vibrating game to enjoy it. Having said that, the game is filled with many exciting features the hardcore fan will love, including throwing passes, kicking field goals, full 3D camera control, unlocking achievements and setting up custom plays. Super Shock Football has something for everyone.

Super Shock Loading 1

Super Shock Leaderboards

Super Shock Playing 7

Super Shock Playing 14

Super Shock Football features real vibrating football action that can be turned off if you don’t want to waste the battery. You can challenge a game to a match for intense two player split-screen merriment. With a flick of your finger you become the quarterback. Look down the field and toss the pigskin to the open man, but don’t get careless or you may be throwing it to the other team. Discover over 20 different present plays ready to into your playbook, and unlock over 40 achievements and brag about your stats in the online leader boards.

Check out Super Shock Football on iTunes for $1.99!


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