TumbleBugs Game Review

23 Sep

TumbleBugs is a popular game previously on the Mac and PC, which is recently ported to the iPhone.  It is basically a marble shooter game with a storyline.


The story of the game is about the Evil Black Bugs who has an evil plan to make the colorful beetles as slaves for his black bug empire. You who as the hero “Tumble” is the hero who can save your fellow beetles now.


When I played the game, there are nice popping sounds each time you fire a beetle from Tumble. There are special ‘E’  or ‘R’ balls in the game to watch out for which does some removal of beetles once you manage to do a match 3 beetle. There are other special balls but there are no help instructions to tell the gamer what these balls do in the game.

There is an exclamation mark warning sign at the bottom of the screen when the number of beetles in the chain increases towards the exit door. Once the beetles reach the exit door, they will be slaves to the evil Black bug! Your task in the game is to shorten the beetles chain before they reach the exit! The music changes when there is danger of the beetles reaching the exit door.


Each time you complete a level, there will be a statistics screen that will show how well you fare. Based on such information, you will know how to improve on the next level. You can post your scores using Facebook Connect to show off to your friends how well you fared in this game.


This game has two game modes: classic and single-player. The Classic mode lets you go through the levels automatically. You cannot select which level to play in the Classic mode. In the Single-player mode, you can choose which level to play so you can skip some of the levels which you find you have difficulty in. In the game, you can choose your own music soundtrack to play the game with if you dislike the current game music.



Each of the game levels has a beautiful crafted landscape which you can see during the game play. There are 78 challenging game levels with stunningly vivid graphics in the game. You can pause the game when you are in the middle of receiving a phone call or at work. You can also restart the level if you think you messed up during the game play. Each time you exit the game, Tumblebugs will save your game progress. You can achieve medals in the game when you accumulate certain number of combos and chains in the game. This game does not support multi-player game mode in Wi-Fi or Bluetooth gaming currently.

I believe this game will bring a smile to your kids or friends as the game play is attractive to all ages. What I will like to see in the next updates is I hope the developers will include some instructions for the special power-ups in the game so that the gamer will know what the special balls do in the game.

Graphics: 4.8 /5
Sound/Music: 4.7 /5
Fun: 4.7 /5
Addictiveness: 4.7 /5
Value for money: 4.9 /5
Overall: 4.7 /5

Check out TumbleBugs on iTunes now for $2.99.


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