Horror Racing Game Review – another gem from Chillingo

29 Sep


As usual, Chillingo has published a few good games recently. Horror Racing game is one game you will not want to miss if you are a vivid fan of racing cars. The game lets you experience what life is like racing behind a farmyard. You can choose which car you want to race with. Each of the cars have their respective owners. These characters do look weird from the start. Do note that you can only choose the car model in the Championship or Skirmish game modes. If you choose Quick Race, you cannot choose the car you want. Quick Race game mode is usually for those who like to have a quick go at this game.






In Horror Racing, you get to shoot your competitors and make them explode right in front of you while you race towards the finishing line. There are three fire buttons in the game which you can use. You do not need to worry about losing your life each time. The main focus of this game is to complete the race! Each time when your car explodes, you will be miraculously resurrected at the same spot you died.



At each of the turning points of the road, there are power-ups to be collected each time. The power-ups once collected will appear again for the next player who pass the same spot again.




The game controls are very simple to use. This racing game removes the brake and accelerate buttons to remove the complications of the controls. The gamer only needs to steer the wheel with the green arrow pointing to the direction he wants to navigate. Besides having the normal power-ups, the gamer can collect certain elemental weapons like shooting flames out of your car and collecting dark energy to trigger a lightning bolt attack on your enemies.


The racing track also have some traps to look out for. There are mines placed at certain positions of the track. Do look out for them or you will damage your car in no time! When driving along the track, you have to be careful of the fence. Some parts of the fence can tangle with your car and prevent your car from moving forward. I feel the fences gives the game a realistic riding experience as part of the obstacles on the track. There are ramps along the track which helps to lift your car in the mid air. You can use this feature in the game to gain a winning edge over the other opponents.




In this game, you earn points at the end of the race depending on the place you earned during the race. For the Skirmish game mode, you can notice your progress in the game does not earn you points or money to upgrade your car. This is because the Championship game mode focuses more on the prestigious title of who is the first while the Skirmish game mode is only focusing on the battles which occurred during the race.



In both the Championship and Skirmish game modes, there are stages waiting to be unlocked when you do especially well in the previous levels. In the Skirmish game mode, you can vary the number of laps to race in the game and alter the difficulty level.



What is a racing game without upgrades of the vehicle, you might ask? This game does offer you various upgrades for your car’s engine, weapons or armor. The upgrades are there to make sure you are fast enough to outwit your opponents or use devastating weapons to attack them. If you focus on defense, then you should upgrade your vehicle armor to see if your car can withstand their mighty attacks at the next round of the game.

When you order the upgrades, you will see brown markers changing to yellow. This usually means you have chosen some upgrades but have not confirmed your selection yet. To buy selected upgrades, tap the Confirm button. All yellow markers will turn into green which represent a successful purchase.


Overall, I feel this game is value for money. At $2.99 for three game modes, it is definitely a steal for such a price. The $2.99 price is already 25% off the usual price. For future upgrades of the game, I will prefer Bluetooth or Wi-Fi gaming so that I can play with my friends in this game. Multi-player game play is definitely a good to have feature when you are racing in such awesome cool vehicles.

Graphics: 4.8 /5
Sound/Music: 4.8 /5
Fun: 4.8 /5
Addictiveness: 4.8 /5
Value for money: 5 /5
Overall: 4.8 /5

Check out Horror Racing on iTunes for $2.99!

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