9000 BC – A Tribal Game Review

30 Sep


There are a few similar Tribal games on the iTunes AppStore like Rockifone’s A Tribe War and CDE’s Ancient Tribe. Each of this tribal games has a different game play to it. To decide which game best suits you, you have to check out each game’s game play.






For 9000 BC, the game controls is very creative. Initially, I am taught that I need to feed myself with fishes from the sea to gain energy to fight against the enemies. After that, I need to throw spears against the other tribal enemies to kill them by tapping on the boy and dragging the spear towards them to kill them. Birds from the sky will fly down and attack me. I need to drag the birds off with my finger to kill them. Different enemies call for different finger gestures.



The tutorials are fun to go through for this game. However, if different types of enemies attack together, you got to think which finger gestures are required to dispel them away. This usually calls for quick thinking and a calm cool head. 

The most crucial part of this game is to monitor when your hunger bar goes to very low. This is because when it goes very low, your character will be a sitting duck to the enemies’ attacks and you can see your health bar getting low after that. To feed your character, you need to drag a fish from the waters when they jump out from the seas.

As for the game’s graphics, you can say they are pretty amateur, simple like your kid’s drawings. The fun factor lies in the animated graphics and the sounds they produce when they gets hit by your game character.


After each level you complete, there is a statistics screen which you can see how well you fare in your previous levels. The game lets you receive Godly powers and the ability to control Mother Nature. For example, the fire demons will attack you and you need to use water from the seas to destroy it. You can even summon a Volcano Eruption to destroy the Tree monsters.



      You can also use your enemies as fuel for Godly weapons and powers. You can drag dead enemies to hit the other enemies. This game has a similar feel to pocket gods. If you like this genre of games, then check it out on iTunes.

Graphics: 4.8 /5
Sound/Music: 4.8 /5
Fun: 4.8 /5
Addictiveness: 4.8 /5
Value for money: 5 /5
Overall: 4.8 /5

Check out 9000 BC for $0.99 on iTunes.


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