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Chillingo is releasing Dracula : the Path of the Dragon soon.

31 Oct

dracula 003 copie

Dracula : the Path of the Dragon will be hitting the iPhone this fall. The game is a cool Vampire adventure with a point and click navigation system.

In this one, you will live a fearsome adventure between myth and reality, science and history, medicine and superstition. And prepare to have your certainties about Vampires shaken!

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In Dracula: the Path of the Dragon for the iPhone you play as Father Arno Moriani, who is sent to investigate a potential candidate for sainthood in Transylvania. Submerged into a riveting storyline, you are challenged to solve complex and engaging puzzles that lead to a final confrontation with Dracula! This gripping adventure sucks you in and leaves you “dying” for more. This game is being developed by Tetraedge who released Jules Vene’s Secrets of the Mysterious Island.

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The year is 1920. You begin your investigation of Dr. Martha Calugarul in the village of Vladoviste, half-destroyed in World War I. On the hillside sits the Castle of Twilight, the famed home of Vlad the Impaler. Father Arno–not being knowledgeable of the ways of the vampire–begins to track a mysterious figure he believes is responsible for evil deeds in the area. He realizes later, that he is inadvertently walking the path of the dragon. As you solve puzzles based on medicine, history, and the occult, you’ll uncover the mystery of the dragon and of the vampires.

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The mechanics in Dracula : the Path of the Dragon for the iPhone, are simple: point and then click. Adventure gamers with a taste for methodical puzzle-solving could appreciate Dracula: the Path of the Dragon.
We’ll let you walk the path of the dragon yourself when Dracula: the Path of the Dragon is released this fall.

Here is a trailer of the game play:

About Tetraedge
Tetraedge is a studio and mobile publisher specialized since 2003 in Smartphone games and applications. The first steps made on Windows Mobile in 2003 lead rapidly to develop on SYMBIAN S60 (N-Gage, N series) and more recently lead to create a strong team for iPhone/iPod Touch. Tetraedge as a mobile publisher believes that only eco-system such as iTunes/APPLE Store will lead to a successful and thriving mobile applications market.Tetraedge is using both standard SDKs from the market and its own tolls and APIs develops through the last 6 years in order to be cross-platforms. Tetraedge is constantly making a strong effort on R&D in order to acquire new technology, such as RFID and LBS, inducing new gameplay and usages on high-end mobile devices such as iPhone/iPod touch, Nokia N97, the latest Samsung, LG and HTC or even the Google SmartPhones based on ANDROID.


ooPixel releases new iPhone game Samegame Gravitized on iTunes App Store

31 Oct


ooPixel has just (29th of October 2009) released a new iPhone game called Samegame Gravitized. It’s available on App store for $0.99 during the first week or two. The price will go up to $1.99 afterwards.


In Samegame Gravitized the goal is to remove groups of blocks of the same colour. The more you remove, the more points you will gain just like in all Samegame or Match three variations.

Samegame Gravitized includes three game modes, GRAVITIZED MODE, CLASSIC MODE and PUZZLE MODE! In GRAVITIZED mode you can rotate the device (slight rotate to left/right is enough) to change the gravity direction where the blocks fall to. You complete levels by removing enough blocks.



CLASSIC mode is like Gravitized mode but without rotation support. PUZZLE mode includes predefined levels for you to complete. The levels will definitely challenge even the more advanced players.

Game includes special rainbow and skull blocks! Skull blocks allow you to explode a group of blocks.  Rainbow block acts as a block of any color.
Complete different tasks to achieve awards! For example, explode 28 blocks with a single tap to get exploder award! Both Gravitized and Classic modes have high scores enabled. You can also easily share your scores  through Twitter or Facebook. You can also challenge your friends!

More information available at

Check out Samegame Gravitized on iTunes for $0.99!

IUGO’s Triple Threat Heats up the competition between Game Developers

30 Oct


IUGO has 3 new iPhone titles that have been submitted for review! They have brought back the zombies from our best selling title in Zombie Attack! Second Wave. IUGO’s other 2 titles are aimed at the casual market with an addictive pick-up-and-play multiplayer called Cliffed as well as the more cerebral and just plain fun Implode! Please see below for game descriptions and screenshots:

Zombie Attack! Second Wave


Just when you thought it was safe…ZA! is back!  Lovers of zombies and tower defense-style games combined have a second chance to tear into more zombies with more weapons and in more locations than ever before.



IUGO built upon what you loved best about the original Zombie Attack! game making it bigger, better and bloodier! Your mission: play as a survivor from the ultimate Zombie Apocalypse, protect your shack and stay alive. Kill zombies, earn points and cash to upgrade your weapons and bolster your fire power. Easy tilt and touch-screen controls make ZA! 2 an instant iPhone exclusive favorite.


Main Game Features:

• 7 turrets (3 new, including the Pulse wave)

• New upgrades to super turrets

• 4 maps of varying sizes including Backyard and Trailer Park

• Hordes of challenges, 5 for each map

• 6 zombie types (4 new, including the Hound and Cheerleader)

• Instantaneous save when quitting the app

• Online high scores list for each map, local lists for challenges and personal records

• Automatic iPod music support (Just play your music and start the game)

• 3.0 USERS!! Additional iPod music playback option

• IUGO high-quality and polish

Check out Zombie Attack! Second Wave on iTunes for $3.99.



Challenge your friends to the most addictive race to the bottom! IUGO presents its latest sensation in casual gaming with this frantic 2D scrolling racer. WARNING: This game will get your heart and fingers racing!




Main Game Features:

• 10 unique and playful characters to choose from

• Pick up and play! Great for all ages

• Endless game play

• Online multiplayer! Race up to 8 players in real time over 3G and wireless networks

• Local and global leader boards

• IUGO’s new VIP program: Tell your friends, earn points and unlock an exclusive mystery character sooner

• Stylized, clean graphics

• IUGO’s signature quality and polish

Check out Cliffed on iTunes for $1.99!



This game is a blast! You are tasked to carefully plant limited dynamite bundles in order to demo obsolete structures. Sounds easy enough, right? WRONG! Implode! is a classic “easy to learn, hard to master” casual game that will pull you in and won’t let go.




Main Game Features include:

• 60 dynamite levels

• Reactive UI, touch and drag control options

• Fun chalkboard theme and clean graphics

• Two different types of bombs (traditional bombs and blast bombs)

• Varying structure shapes for ongoing challenge

• Submit score online (online score is the sum of all levels’ high scores)

• Grading system for high scores adding replay ability to each level

• 3 Difficulties; Casual, Veteran, and Expert

• In-level help system: Learn as you play!

• IUGO VIP: Sandbox cheat gives you more bombs and you never fail! (high scores disabled with this feature)

• Watch buildings tumble with real physics!

Star Hogs Gets a Huge Update

30 Oct


October 28, 2009– After hanging in the review queue for nearly 3 months, Star Hogs receives a major update to its look, features and content.


Updates include:


Additional free 32-map Alpha Centauri Campaign! (This was originally intended to be DLC as in-app purchase but has been switched to a FREE update)

• In-game messaging system. Tease, taunt and congratulate each other in-game!

• Players announce their entry into online battles.

• Ability for losers in a 3 or 4 player battle to receive their earnings first then decide whether to be spectator or leave an online battle.

• Improved in-game graphics with updated textures and parallax background 3d objects

• Scrolling window will now remember their previous position

• Automatic backup & restore system to prevent save file corruption

• IUGO VIP System for rewarding game referrals

• Invite friends feature

• Save/Resume for Campaign & Free Play modes

• NEW WEAPON: Nuclear Strike

• NEW WEAPON: Matter Missile

• NEW MINE: Paint Mines

• NEW circular map for Free Play & Online

• NEW flat map for Free Play & Online

• Camera control when it is not player’s turn

• Audio & Vibrate alarm when a match is found in Quick Play



Better disconnection handling (Online game delayed due to lag will resolve within 60 seconds)

• Improved online multiplayer synchronization

• Certain detectable non-cheating disconnection situation will result in players being disqualified to avoid point deduction (However, the loss will still have to be taken)

• Numerous hanger issues/crashes fixed

• Possible rankings page crash fixed

• 10-pt font fixes

• Introduction camera panning issue fixed

• Airplane mode crash fixed

• Load to 50% crash fixed

• Username/password saving bug fixed

• Better physics resolution to avoid mines falling through asteroids

• Hanger menu bug fixes

• Players watching an online battle now has auto fast-forward as well to reduce lag

• Online game room’s properties can no longer be changed once room is created


• Homing / Swarm energy cost lowered to 45

• Refinery bonus reduced to 35%

• Shield projector shield amount increased to 225

• Energy laser shield damage increased from 2x to 2.5x

• Removed initial impact force from cluster bomb

• Homing sensors now increase homing rocket acceleration

• Reduced EMP missile homing

• Ranking points will now be modified by # of ships in battle. The more ships in battle, the more points awarded for wins/losses.

Some people say this game is better than Worms. Perhaps you can be a better judge of that if you try out Star Hogs yourself.

Check out Star Hogs on iTunes for $4.99.

PRO ZOMBIE SOCCER™, First Videogame Developed by Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team

30 Oct


Today, October 30 2009, developers Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team are proud to shock the world with the first game play video and screenshots of their game for iPhone and iPod Touch: PRO ZOMBIE SOCCER. The game is planned to be released later this year.


Pro Zombie Soccer is a simple but full of depth (and blood!) pick-up-and-play game where you are a soccer player who finds himself in the middle of a zombie apocalypse with a ball as his only weapon.




The game is full of features:

– One of the most surreal and funny stories to ever grace a video game.

– Lots of different zombies for your zombie killing pleasure, all of them with different hit points.

– A powerful blockbuster-type soundtrack and sound design.

– And of course: a nice combo system; different levels; Zombie Odyssey Mode for the hardcore gamers; character skill upgrading system…

Pro Zombie Soccer is full of surprises and dismembered limbs!


About Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team

The team is made of a bunch of good friends, all seasoned pros in the games industry with titles under their belt like Plants VS. Zombies, Worms, Vin Diesel´s Wheelman, Terminator, Crush, Buzz, EyeToy Play series, Doodle Hex

Each team member is on a different part of the globe, and they decided it was about time to make their own fresh videogame company for developing cool projects.

Programming: Julio Ruiz

Art: Enrique Corts & Mar Hernández

Level Design: Ricardo Carretero

Music & Sound Design: Jorge & Guillermo Badolato,

I-play Launches Bubble Town 2 for iPhone™ and iPod® Touch – The Multi-Platform Fan Favorite That Has Been Played More Than 120 Million Times Launches a New Bubble-Popping Adventure

28 Oct

image image image

NEW YORK & LONDON—October 27, 2009—I-play, Oberon Media’s publishing division and the world’s leading multi-platform casual games publisher, today launched Bubble Town 2 for iPhone™ and iPod® touch.  Based on the wildly successful online arcade game that has captivated millions of players through Facebook, MySpace, PC download and mobile, the highly-anticipated Bubble Town sequel for iPhone is now available in the Apple® App Store.


In Bubble Town 2, players travel through land, sea and space in 45 bubble-filled levels. Each dynamic environment has its own unique characteristics and borb-busting challenges as players carefully aim, lob and shoot colorful borbs to pop three or more of the same kind. Adding a new dimension of gameplay to the franchise, Bubble Town 2 offers the brand-new lob shot, where players toss borbs into place with a flick of the wrist using the iPhone’s accelerometer. In addition, Bubble Town 2 introduces a brand-new Invasion Mode, and 12 varied power-ups that bring all-new hijinx to this beloved franchise.  The game’s integrated Facebook Connect feature allows players to share their bubble-popping successes by posting high scores on Facebook and sharing with friends and family.


Bubble Town is one of the most successful franchises in online gaming history, Although the gameplay is simple, we want to ensure that each new version takes advantage of the available technology in order to deliver fans the most compelling experience possible,” said Don Ryan, chief operating officer at Oberon Media.  “By maximizing the capabilities of the iPhone, Bubble Town 2 converges gaming and social media while offering new wrinkles that will appeal to new and current fans.”




In August, I-play launched Bubble Town: Party Planet™ on Facebook, marking the company’s entry into the world of micro-transactions (MTX).  The application introduced an all-new MTX virtual economy called BubbleBucks that allows players to make in-game purchases on items including power ups, extra level packs, gifting and other activities such as the ability to pick up play after a level defeat.

Bubble Town 2 is now available in the Apple® App Store for $2.99 / £1.79 : – Check out the game now on iTunes!

Bubble Town 2 is rolling out to mobile carriers this holiday season.

Check out the Bubble Town 2 trailer below:

Key selling points:

  • Sequel to the hugely successful Bubble Town game
  • Massive success online (Facebook application gathers more than 300,000 active players every month), on mobile, and on iPhone!
  • 3 dimensional game play with the new “Lob Shot”
  • Brand new Invasion mode for frantic game play!

Main Game Features:

  • 45 ultra addictive levels (32 levels in the previous version)
  • Each environment affects the game play: i.e. in the ocean the         water will create whirlpool and deflections
  • 12 varied power ups help you in your progression
  • 3 different “dynamic” environments
  • Facebook Connect
  • iPod music library

To get updates about I-play Games, become a fan on Facebook ( and follow us on Twitter (

About I-play

I-play, the publishing division of Oberon Media, Inc., is the world’s leading multi-platform casual games publisher. With powerful franchises and massive distribution across the three most popular entertainment screens — online, mobile, and interactive television — I-play content reaches global consumers, and delivers fun, entertaining, accessible content to casual gamers of all ages. I-play’s PC publishing division, formerly Oberon Games, is based in Seattle and created the hit Dream Day Series, as well as the first casual games for bestselling author James Patterson and legendary mystery author Agatha Christie, including the Causal Connect 2008 Game of the Year, Agatha Christie: Death on the Nile. I-play’s mobile division has delivered some of the biggest selling franchises in the mobile space, including the world’s #1 best-selling racing franchise, The Fast and the Furious, based on the blockbuster movies. I-play’s interactive television group, formerly PixelPlay, creates and distributes games featuring top brands including Centipede™. Missile Command®, Asteroids™, Monopoly®, Scrabble®, Boggle®, and Yahtzee™. I-play is headquartered in New York City, with offices in Seattle, San Mateo, London, and Dunfermline, Scotland.

About Oberon Media

Oberon Media, the world’s leading multi-platform casual games company, is the first company to deliver global, integrated casual games solutions across three platforms-online, mobile and interactive television and at retail. Oberon game solutions have been adopted by the world’s leading digital and media companies, such as Microsoft, Verizon, Yahoo!, Electronic Arts, MySpace, Orange France and NHN. The Game Center combines casual game content, merchandising and features to fulfill our partners’ specific needs. Oberon Media’s game publishing division, I-play, works with the industry’s best and award-winning game developers to produce the top-selling casual games, which are played across online, mobile, console and iTV platforms in more than a dozen languages. Founded in 2003, Oberon Media is headquartered in New York with offices in North America, Europe and Asia, and is backed by Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Oak Investment Partners.

Preview of Wheeler’s Treasure

26 Oct


Wheeler’s Treasure is a spectacular looking pirate world filled with
jungles, treasures, ghosts and more. Players follow the Cursed Wheel
of The Lost Pirate Captain Wheeler through endless randomly generated



Jump over pits, splash into hazards, fly down steep hills
and more. Sixteen unique items are scattered throughout the world to
collect, with each one bringing new abilities. Avoid dangerous
skeletons, bats and ghosts, dodge incoming cannonballs, and protect
treasure from cunning crows.


Players can compete online to unlock achievements using OpenFeint.
Uniquely integrated into the world, players will see tombstones
marking the final resting places of their friends. Overtaking a
tombstone means beating a score.

Earn money and distance achievements to unlock secret map pieces,
which let you reach new challenges and discover new items.
Wheeler’s Treasure is currently in review and will be available on the
App Store shortly.

Preview videos of the game in action: