Clickgamer Announces New Action-Strategy Game, "Pile Up!"

2 Oct


United Kingdom – October 1st, 2009 — iPhone publisher Clickgamer has revealed its intense action-strategy game, Pile Up!

Pile Up! is an accessible but increasingly challenging game, which puts players in control of an everyday traffic intersection. Initially, as cars approach the crossroads, they can be directed in one of two directions towards their destination. As more and more cars approach the crossroads from all directions though, things begin to get increasingly frenetic and dangerous. Tell the cars to go at the wrong time via the touchscreen controls though, and it’s game over! With its cartoon-like visuals, sound effects and animation, Pile Up! offers a fantastic traffic control challenge for iPhone and iPod touch owners of any skill level.


“There are multiple Pile Up! game modes to offer a variety of challenges,” said the game’s creator Anthony Parkes. “Players can track their progress via the Statistics Screen, before posting their in-game achievements and leader board successes to Twitter. Music can also be selected from in-game tracks or the player’s own iPod library.”


Pile Up! is a top-quality addition to the traffic control genre,” said Johnny Coghlan, Head of Publishing for Chillingo. “The unique setting and gameplay challenge ensures that even the most experienced player will be truly challenged sooner or later by this intense and addictive game.”

Pile Up! has just released for the iPhone and the iPod touch on Apple’s App Store, priced USD$0.99.

Check it out on iTunes now for $0.99.

Compatible for iPhone, iPod touch

About Clickgamer:

Clickgamer is a division of Chillingo Ltd. and is a rapidly growing mobile games portal. caters for a variety of hand held devices including Windows Mobile, Symbian Smartphone, PALM, J2ME, RIM Blackberry, iPhone, iPod, Android and PSP. Clickgamer delivers games and applications directly to the customer’s mobile phone and/or PC and Mac. For more information on Clickgamer, please visit

About Anthony Parkes:

Anthony is the managing director of a next-gen development company based in Melbourne, Australia.


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