Hexage.net going to release Totemo soon on the iTunes App Store.

5 Oct


Hexage.net is a game development company who created Buka, previously reviewed on this review site.

The company is happy to announce that their new iPhone game TOTEMO will be released soon on the App Store. For more videos of the games produced by Hexage.net, please refer to this hyperlink.






TOTEMO is a mind-soothing logic puzzle game designed for all people
who like intelligent game play, atmosphere and a freedom to play at
their own pace.

TOTEMO provides over 60 puzzle tasks in a story mode and a survival mode for those who like extra challenge and the opportunity to write their name into online leader boards.

Uncover the mystery hidden between the realms in a unique puzzle game. Travel to enchanted places of the past with your witch doctor guide and solve over 60 logic tasks.

Play at your own pace. Think hard and weight carefully your next move, or just stroke your moves intuitively and let the solution emerge in front of your eyes.

Play the survival mode for extra challenge, make your stand against the time and write your name into the online leader boards.

Check out the preview video of the game below:


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