Clickgamer Announces New iPhone Fighting Game, Stick-Fu to be released on iTunes App Store.

7 Oct


Stick-Fu (from Mobigames, developer of top-selling game Parking Mania) is an enjoyable new beat-’em-up game with stick-thin heroes and enemies.


Players should prepare for stick-thin enemies to burst from all directions and attack them in this side-scrolling beat ’em up game


Your brave stick-fighter character is not defenseless though – punch and kick enemies to defeat them and build Combo Points.
Then use these points to unleash devastating attacks on your enemies.
At the end of each level your stick-fighter will face a fearsome StickBoss enemy – real skill is needed to defeat such strong, fast foes!



After each level, you can choose which of your stick-fighter’s stats to boost: Power, Defense or Hit Points.
There are multiple levels across five unique environments to battle through.
You can listen to in-game music tracks, or choose tunes from your music library instead.
Then when your brave stick-fighter finally meets his end, see your achievement on the Online Leader board!

Main Game Features:
– Colorful graphics
– Character leveling RPG system
– 5 environmental zones to fight on
– Customize player and blood color
– 4 music tracks and many sounds
– Over 10 simple combo moves
– 5 super combo moves
– Finishing moves
– Listen your iPod music while playing
– Online leaderboard

Let’s rock!

This game is currently being submitted to iTunes.


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