Stick-Fu – a stickman fighting game finally released on iTunes!

14 Oct


Stick-Fu (from Mobigames, developer of top-selling game Parking Mania) is an enjoyable new beat-’em-up game with stick then heroes and enemies.

Players should prepare to face stick-thin enemies, using punch and kick actions to defeat them and build Combo Points which can be used to unleash devastating attacks on your enemies. At the end of each level our Stick-Fu hero will face a fearsome Stick-Boss – real skill is needed to defeat such strong, fast foes!



After each level, players can upgrade and develop their Stick-Fu fighter’s stats and abilities to become stronger and more powerful. The enemies will similarly get more aggressive, powerful and crafty though! (sells for £ 0.99 / £ 0.59)

Main Game Features are:

– Colorful graphics

– Character leveling RPG system

– 5 environmental zones to fight on

– Customize player and blood color

– 4 music tracks and many sounds

– Over 10 simple combo moves

– 5 super combo moves

– Finishing moves

– Listen your iPod music while playing

– Online leader boards.

Check out Stick-Fu on iTunes for $0.99 now!


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