Texas Wuggle Launches on App Store – 4J Studios Ups the Ante for Poker Games Everywhere

14 Oct


Dundee – Tuesday 13th October 2009: Warm up your sleight of hand for Texas Wuggle, the new fast-paced poker app from the hustlers at 4J Studios. Hitting the App Store today at £0.59/$0.99/€0.79, this is poker but not as you know it; blending traditional poker rules with Scrabble, players must make as many winning hands as possible with the available cards on screen then rack ‘em up using the touch screen.


Players start their journey to the big leagues by hustling back alleys and smoky diners, building up their cash pot to gain entry to the dazzling millionaire’s club in Las Vegas for that one last big score. You can choose to play one of two expansive modes including Spree, which gives you ten hands in which to become a millionaire, while Survivor is purely against the clock, where you must keep finding poker hands to halt the diminishing time.



Frank Arnot at 4J Studios said: “Texas Wuggle started as a pet project called Wuggle, a frantic word-based iPhone game created by one of our studio members. We’ve added a lot to the original formula to create this title and it delivers a fast-paced spin on the typically slow game of poker. Fans of real poker will find that their knowledge of the cards will be tested here, but newcomers can take advantage of our handy hints to learn the ropes. Hustler or beginner, you will get a real kick out of Texas Wuggle.”

Check out Texas Wuggle on iTunes now for $0.99!

For the official gameplay video of Texas Wuggle and the original Wuggle, please visit 4J Studio’s official YouTube channel and you can see where the original design came from:

Texas Wuggle:


About 4J Studios

4J Studios is a game development studio established in Dundee in 2005 by Chris van der Kuyl, Paddy Burns and Frank Arnot.

With an extremely experienced core team of designers, technology & games programmers and artists, the company’s ethos is to combine innovation, creativity and technical excellence with efficient production practices.

4J Studios has developed products for all popular console game systems including Microsoft’s Xbox 360™, Sony’s PlayStation®3, Nintendo’s Wii/DS systems; and the Apple iPhone.


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