Pro Zombie Soccer Preview

17 Oct


The developers have under their belt games like PLANTS VS ZOMBIES, WORMS, WHEELMAN, CRUSH, BUZZ, EYETOY PLAY, DOODLE HEX…And they decided it was about time to make our own cool project, so here it is! PRO ZOMBIE SOCCER! Maybe the first one in a series of Zombie Sports™. The game has a similar game play like plants vs zombies.

maincharacter screenshotOK1b




Main Game Features:

Lots of fun!
Zombies! Many of them!
Explosions! Headshots! Blood everywhere!
Girlz!!!11!1! Boyz!!111!
The most surreal and silly and funny story ever!
Different levels!
Angry military satellites!
A soundtrack so good you´ll want the CD!
Pick-up-and-play simple and addictive game play!
Accelerometer use!
Exclamation signs!
…and lots more!

Coming soon to the iTunes App Store!

For more information about this game, head on to its web site located here.


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