A Lyndon’s Wicked Tale: Red Rage

20 Oct


October 16th, 2009 – Today Asian based Humble Gaming Limited, announced that Lyndon’s Wicked Tale: Red Rage is now available on the App Store for this Halloween to deliver a WICKED and stunning version of Little Red Riding Hood available only on the iPhone / iPod Touch. Jeff Lyndon has created a new series that gives classic bedtime stories new and devilish endings that inject dark elements, which better fit the atmosphere of today’s society.


Red Rage puts you in the shoes of Red, but she is no longer a victim of the Big Bad Wolf. In order to rescue Granny from the clutches of the Wolf Nation, Red must wield her trusty axe on a quest to destroy her grandmother’s captors. Traversing through four environments each with their own boss, Red Rage finishes the story of Little Red Riding Hood in a ruthlessly wicked rendition.



Red will have access to four different types of weapons, all of which are upgradable. Throughout the sixteen levels of the game Red will encounter wolves, vampires, and werewolves along with four incredible bosses. The title also includes music library integration along with Facebook, Twitter, and Openfeint compatibility.


In order to complete her quest Red will also utilize several special capabilities. The first being Rage which accumulates the more destructive Red is and grants her not only nigh invulnerability but also an unmatched and fearsome attack strength. The second ability is to hide which grants the player new depth and strategy during game play.

Red Rage promises to deliver stunning game play, never before seen game mechanics on the iPhone, a bounty of upgradable weapons, and a familiar story with a morose and intriguing twist. This Wicked Tale is a dark and unique story that is perfect for the Halloween season.

Red is waiting with her axe to face the wolves. The question is: are you prepared to delve into Lyndon’s Wicked Tale: Red Rage?

Lyndon’s Wicked Tale: Red Rage is now available in time for Halloween 2009 for US$0.99. Red Rage is the first title in a new IP created by Humble Gaming Ltd. More titles will be coming that twist and darken all your favorite fairy tales…

Check out Lyndon’s Wicked Tale: Red Rage on iTunes now for $0.99!

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East Asian based Humble Gaming Limited offers entertaining iPhone and iPod games developed by an international team of experienced game developers. The Humble Gaming team prides itself on its ability to combine original content with popular game playing genres whilst continuing to offer value for money. Whether it’s a line drawing or time management game your sure to be impressed with the attention to detail and impressive graphics.


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