Numberoids – 10-level bonus of Napsters is released on App Store now.

20 Oct


October 20, 2009 – Numberoids is a unique logical and tactical puzzle with mechanics that is absolutely new for App Store. In the full version player had to wake up funny multocular creatures named Napsters, in this free 10-level bonus they were replaced by numbers.


Numberoids imprisoned little Napsters. Player has to activate secret antivirus code hidden on the playing board. Game field looks like cells with numbers from 0 to 4 within. Every sector is supplemented with four buttons. Player has to press the number of buttons corresponding to the figure in the cell and not to upset the balance in the other sectors on playing board. The goal is to organize all buttons this way.
Those who already have paid app will amplify it with free bonus level, and those who had not taste Napsters yet, can try and estimate game play.

Check out Numberoids on the iTunes App Store for Free.

About The Game Creators:
Avallon Alliance Ltd. is a developer and publisher of iPhone and iPod Touch games. Founded in 2008, by game industry wizards Arthur Ostapenko and Askold Kalnisky, company has already grown to become the leading publisher in Eastern Europe. It became possible due to many facts: focus exclusively on iPhone market, firmness of purpose, highly-qualified stuff and unique methods of promotion.

The Company is known for building its own successful projects (Napsters, Mezopuzzle) and effective collaboration with the best creators of casual games in the world (The Stone of Destiny made in cooperation with Voodoo Dimention, Cassandra’s Journey: The Legacy of Nostradamus – with Joy Bits Ltd.).


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