Two Sweet Games Going to be released soon by ClickGamer – Zombie Dash and Tumble Jumble!

22 Oct


Spooky dungeon crawler – Zombie Dash

Zombie Dash is a top-down dungeon crawler where players must stay alive by avoiding and outwitting the zombies that they are running from. Trapped in a tomb infested with undead pursuers, players must search for treasure and the all important key to the next level.




The further they venture into the crypt, the more obstacles they will face: bats, floor spikes, snakes and of course the dreaded zombies … Between levels though, players can use gold found in the tombs to buy character upgrades and items. One of the main great features of this game is the trackball control and the ability  to cast magic spells with multi-touch controls. The polished art and atmospheric music and sound effects add further to the experience, while trophies can be earned for in game accomplishments and online leader boards.


Cute New Puzzle Game – Tumble Jumble!


Tumble Jumble is a physics-based puzzler which casts players as an employee of the Intergalactic Rodent Removal Company. Throughout more than 60 challenging levels, players will defy the laws of physics to rotate and drop a variety of block-shaped rodents in containers while they avoid obstacles, lasers, and dangerous enemy critters!



Amusing cut-scenes and with stylish high-quality vector animations explain the game’s storyline, while contestants can compare their times and scores with those of fellow Tumble Jumblers via global online leader boards.

Watch for these games on the iTunes App Store by using “Power Search” in iTunes and key in “Clickgamer” to check when they are out.


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